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THE EXPLOITED fan stabbed and killed after show in Russia

After attempting to stop a group of neo-nazi scumbags from chanting “Sieg Heil”, a 27 year old EXPLOITED fan was stabbed to death after the band’s show in St. Petersburg, Russia! The shocking incident took place outside the Cosmonaut venue. THE EXPLOITED have released a statement:

We have just been told that an Exploited fan had been killed outside our gig in Saint Petersburg after Saturday’s concert which took place at the club “Cosmonaut”.

Our condolences go out to his family and hopefully they catch the people who did this.
Fucking scummy cunts.

There are a lot of people here talking shit as if it is The Exploiteds fault that this kid got killed outside a gig, let’s get a few points cleared up.

If we had seen any cunt sieg heiling at our gig we would have had them kicked the fuck out. Also, if the people who are talking shit had seen someone do this then why did they do fuck all about it?
If we see anyone fighting we stop playing we also stop playing if we see the security being to strong with our fans, people come to our show to have a good time.

There was 1700 people at the gig, We had stopped playing 5 or 6 times due to the bouncers beating up the punks at the front of the stage.

Nazis skins or punks are cunts and are NOT welcome to our gigs EVER.

We are there to play Music which we love  once again, some people should think before they post shit up on our facebook page.


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