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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – “Handwritten” video & commentary

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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM have premiered a music video for one of their new songs “Handwritten”.

Here’s the making of video:

The director Kevin Slack commented for AbsolutePunk:

You’ve worked with TGA a few times now … what was different about this experience compared to the others?

I think this is our 5th music video together so I’ve now worked with them when they were playing for 15 people in a Jersey basement to being on a major record label and selling out every venue they play. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the ride with them through all of this. There are some obvious differences between the Handwritten video and the others like money, promotion and the amount of record label reps on set. However the biggest difference for me though was the strong collaboration between Benny and I. The main concept was his idea and once we got that set, Benny and I wrote a script together for the project instead of just working off of a 1 page video treatment. I would write a draft and send it to him for his notes and thoughts. Then we would get on the phone and talk about it for a while. I’d go write a new draft and continue that process. It was an absolute blast to work closely with someone on the script, usually I’m alone during that process. Benny was also on set almost every day and he even sat with me for some of the editing. He has great instincts when it comes to story and what works and what doesn’t so it was super helpful to have a partner like him on this video. Another huge difference was the shoot was 5 days long. Up until this point we had never done a video that had more than a 2 day shoot.

Go here to read the rest of the interview with kevin and the band’s drummer Benny.

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