THE ORDER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD unveils intense, chaotic single “Cheaper But Will Do”

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In St. John’s, Newfoundland, where the Atlantic’s chill whispers tales of the arcane, THE ORDER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD, a band shrouded in the mystique of blackened hardcore punk, is setting the stage ablaze with their latest sonic assault. With roots deeply embedded in the craggy landscapes of Canada, our today’s guests has concocted a spellbinding mixture of sound that beckons the brave to delve into the abyss of their craft.

This spring, the band emerges from the fog with not one, but two electrifying singles, heralding an era of intensified experience.

Leading this dark parade is “Cheaper But Will Do,” a tempestuous track that doesn’t just cross the boundaries between metal and hardcore punk—it obliterates them.

Clocking in at a fierce two minutes, the single is a frenetic ride through a landscape littered with the detritus of a chaotic world, as envisaged by the enigmatic Paul Brake.

Inspired by a haunting episode of “Unsolved Mysteries,” Brake weaves a narrative that is both cryptic and compelling, challenging the listener to “maintain existence now” amidst the relentless turbulence of life.

“It started with me seeing an episode of the 90’s television show Unsolved Mysteries where a crime had taken place and inside the home was this cryptic phrase written on the wall. The episode creeped me out when I first saw it and the phrase always stuck with me and I always kind of thought it could be a title for a song. The lyrics paint a bleak picture of a chaotic world where we’re all doing what we can to survive and in the end challenge you to “maintain existence now”.”

The Order of The Precious Blood
The Order of The Precious Blood

Accompanying Brake in this tumultuous journey are Cameron Legge and Berry O’Keefe, whose guitars carve out the sonic bedrock, Ben Chapman-Smith, who anchors the chaos with his bass, and Adam Hearn, whose drums dictate the frenetic pace of their march.

Captured through the lens of Matthew Myler Photography, the band’s unity and intensity are palpable, a testament to their live performances that are renowned for their energy, atmosphere, and the visceral connection they forge with their audience.

The Order of The Precious Blood
The Order of The Precious Blood

As THE ORDER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD readies to take this maelstrom on the road, their East Coast tour is poised to be a pilgrimage through the hallowed grounds of NL, NS, and PEI. From the hushed reverence of Gower Street United Church to the communal fervor of the Charlottetown Beer Garden, each venue will become a sanctuary for the shared experience of hardcore and metal’s transformative power.

April 19 – St John’s, NL – Peter Eastons – 19+ w/ Of The Black, Kaspam Cult, Killer 9000
April 20 – St John’s, NL – Gower Street United Church – All Ages
April 26 – Halifax, NS – Radstorm w/ Pavel Stroke, Thousand Knives
April 27 – Eel Ground, NB – The Shred Shed w/ Ibex
April 28 – Moncton, NB – Xeroz w/ Yhorm, and Ibex
April 29 – Sydney, NS – The Legion w/ Draino, Breakneck, Fear and Filth.
May 2 – Charlottetown, P.E.I. – Charlottetown Beer Garden – ECMA Showcase
May 4 – Charlottetown, P.E.I. – Charlottetown Beer Garden – ECMA Showcase

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