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BANE by JCPhotoMedia(net)
BANE by JCPhotoMedia(net)

This week’s hardcore roundup is a tempest of fresh releases and cool news, stirring the scene from the unyielding force of FLESH CREEP to CREVURE’s venomous “Global Intifada.” AWOL, TAKE OFFENSE and RETURN TO PAIN are shaking the foundations with their latest offerings, while THE DOG showcase their evolved sound in “Somewhere, Anywhere”. Dive into the maelstrom of this week’s top hardcore releases and news, including BANE shows in Europe, and a lot lot more.

Chula Vista’s thrash hardcore titans, TAKE OFFENSE, are set to unleash their latest onslaught, “T.O.tality,” on May 10th via MNRK.

Produced by Nick Jett (Terror), the album is a testament to the band’s evolution, blending thrash, speed metal, and hardcore with a modern twist.

The first single, “Greetings From Below,” offers a taste of the band’s relentless energy and unapologetic attitude. With thundering double bass and anthemic vocals, it’s a fierce declaration of intent that sets the stage for the rest of the album.

Birmingham’s FLESH CREEP just unleashed a ferocious EP, “TURF WAR,” straight from the gutters of rage.

The tracks are a relentless onslaught, hardcore with an extra hit of octane, fast, furious, and thick with fury that doesn’t let up for a second. “False Flag” rips through your speakers as a prime cut of their unbridled energy. Listen below and stay tuned for full album soon!

Grindwar Records just dropped a bomb with CREVURE’s “Global Intifada” EP.

This beast hails from Nancy, France, serving up a DIY blackened grindcore feast that’s nasty as all hell. We’re talking ugly crust hardcore with a side of shredding solos and thrashy guitars – it’s venomous, it’s raw, and it’s unapologetically fierce.

PROBLEMS, hailing from Oslo, Norway, unleash fierce hardcore with their latest release, “Beg for Release.”

The track “Out of Body” is a blistering onslaught of raw energy, serving as a preview of their upcoming 7″ on Adult Crash Records. With relentless aggression and uncompromising intensity, PROBLEMS deliver hardcore punk straight from the depths of hell.

Vanilla Thunder Records just unleashed a sonic behemoth with DAUNTED’s ‘Intimidation Tactics/Substandard’.

This 2-tracker (ekhm, not really) is a brutal exposition that lingers with you, long after the echoes fade.

MUERTE BUENA, the heavy hardcore contingent from Inland Empire, CA, has unleashed what may be their parting opus, “Through Your Memory”.

This release encapsulates their potent blend of intense hardcore with groove elements—a concoction that’s resonated through their swift but memorable two-year tenure.

In a heartfelt farewell, MUERTE BUENA pays homage to their supporters—the streamers, the merch collectors, the live audience, and the friendships forged in the fiery crucible of music: “Thank you all for everything. This will be our final release if not, then for a long time. We couldn’t be more grateful for all of the support everyone has given us in the last 2 years making this journey one none of us will forget. We love every single of our supporters who’s streamed our music, purchased merch, or even just showed up to a show to watch! As well as our countless number of friends we have made along the way. But for now, it’s time we say goodbye.”

DETËSTO, the Brazilian crust d-beat powerhouse, just launched their latest assault, “Horrendous Reality of War,” on the senses of the punk world.

Crafted in the depths of Estúdio Casa 39 in Campinas/SP by Rodrigo, and adorned with the bleak visuals of Aldo Costas Sketch, this release is a sonic embodiment of fury and despair. The lineup—Wallas on vox, Ziggy shredding the guitar, Rattö on bass, and Michel pounding the drums—delivers a relentless barrage of sound that’s as relentless as it is raw.

CEREMONY played their classic 2010 album “Rohnert Park” in full for the first and last time at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 24th.

Directed by Lance Bangs, the stream promises to capture the energy of the live performance. Following this event, Ceremony will appear at Outbreak Fest and No Values in June, with a Detroit preshow for Tied Down 2024 at The Majestic on May 31st, featuring No Warning, Fury, Bracewar, D Bloc, Build & Destroy, Haywire, and Back 4 More.

Last Ride Records announces the release of AWOL’s debut LP, “Tear ‘Em To Bits,” set to drop on April 26.

The Melbourne-based hardcore band emerged during the city’s extensive lockdown, crafting a sound that combines gruff vocals, groove-driven riffs, and powerful breakdowns. Influenced by hardcore legends and fitting seamlessly among contemporary acts, AWOL addresses themes of deception, addiction, and resilience.

RETURN TO PAIN unleashes a brutal death metallic hardcore anthem, “Released From Flesh.” Dive into their latest single, “Warriors Death,” featuring Jeremy Damron of Volcano, a ruthless 2:39 of hardcore ferocity.

Dropped on February 20, 2024, by Force of Reckoning Records, North Carolina. Get ready for a heavy assault on your senses.

Iron Lung Records recently unveiled “Demo” by KEVLAR UPPER, a fresh addition to L.A.’s hardcore punk scene.

The release, characterized by its raw aggression and intense anger, offers a glimpse into the band’s primal approach to punk, with lyrics reflecting a seething stream of consciousness. Recorded by Mike Kriebel and mastered by Will Killingsworth, the demo is available in a limited edition of 200 copies on green shells, housed in a standard J-card sleeve and black norelco box.

FØES, hailing from Sunriver, Oregon, deliver a powerviolent, chaotic hardcore punch with their latest 2-tracker.

Known for their nü grind power punk style, their new album “ENDLESS EXILE” is set to release in Spring 2024. The band also has a 7″ split with Heated, currently available, showcasing their raw and unbridled energy. Their music, including tracks like “GHOSTTOWN” and “DOG CATCHER,” can be found on Glacier Recordings, where they also offer 10″ vinyl and CDs for their aggressive auditory assaults.

Refuse Records announces a new release, ABADDON’s “Live at CBGB” LP, featuring a live recording from the legendary New York club, CBGB

This limited edition, with only 300 copies available, is scheduled for release during the 60th birthday celebration of Tomasz “Perełka”, the band’s drummer, on April 6th in Bydgoszcz.

In the vein of the Fort Worth hardcore scene, COLD CASE slices through the noise with their latest onslaught, ‘Twist Of The Knife’.

Uncompromisingly heavy, their sound pummels with a potent punch that leaves no room for half-measures. Hailing from the no-nonsense landscape of Dallas, Texas, this crew delivers a full-force blow.

March will see the hit the road, carving a path through the Midwest with a series of live shows set to sear their sonic signature into the scene.


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FLAMES OF CONVICTION is dropping a bomb with their self-titled EP, a raw, unfiltered showcase of straight edge fury and might.

Available for PREORDER now for just $7.00, this cassette tape is a manifesto of hardcore resilience, brought to you by Divided We Fall, catalog number DWF009.

Delayed Gratification Records has just dropped the needle on a fresh slab of sonic mayhem with “Sinister Feeling” by SINISTER FEELING.

This debut LP, straight from the heart of Baltimore City, is a power violence escapade that promises to leave your speakers smoldering.

But why stop at just listening? SINISTER FEELING is hitting the road for a full US tour alongside Kidnapped, kicking off on March 6th and tearing through till April 5th.

Post hardcore punks DAD MAGIC, from Ghent, Belgium, is making waves with their latest EP “Ego” now available for streaming.

Known for their electrifying blend of post-hardcore infused with gritty UK pun elements, the band’s music promises an exhilarating surge of energy that will have you on your feet in no time. With infectious melodies and raw, impassioned vocals, DAD MAGIC delivers a set that is equal parts sincere, irreverent, and undeniably honest. Don’t miss out on this!

The music video for Anxious’ song “Down, Down” has been released! This latest single comes from the Connecticut emo band, following their well-received full-length debut album, “Little Green House,” which dropped early in 2022.

“Down, Down” offers a twinkly pop-punk vibe with catchy hooks, showcasing the band’s ability to balance sweetness with a punchy energy. Singer Grady Allen delves into the song’s theme of exhaustion and the impact of emotions on relationships, particularly during the challenging past two years for the band.

PARK+RIOT, the Leipzig, Germany-based mathcore/sludge powerhouse, just dropped their latest single and video, ‘The Long Run’, teasing us with a gritty slice of their upcoming debut album ‘Wise Words From Well-Fed Mouths’.

This new banger doesn’t just lay down heavy riffs; it’s a wake-up call, a lyrical punch against the complacency in hoping for change amidst endless crises.

Filmed on their recent tour in Israel, amidst the echoes of conflict, PARK+RIOT not only delivered some of the first heavy shows since the outbreak but also captured the raw energy and unity of the local punk and hardcore scene in their video. It’s more than a song; it’s a testament to music’s power to rally spirits even in the toughest times.

THE DOG, hailing from Wroclaw, Poland, drops their latest album “Somewhere, Anywhere” today, showcasing their evolution from powerviolence roots to a more nuanced metal and melodic hardcore sound.

Recorded in May 2023 at Monochrom Studio with production, mixes, and mastering by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio, this release marks a significant shift in their musical journey. The album, under the Arcadian Industry label, is a reflection of their adaptive style, blending aggressive energy with more structured songwriting.

Don’t miss out on this!

Revelation Records is buzzing with the release of Ray Raghunath Cappo’s new book, “From Punk To Monk: A Memoir”.

To mark the occasion, they’re rolling out some exclusive goodies including a special dust jacket for RevHQ, two unique vinyl colors of Shelter’s “Quest For Certainty” LP, a cool photo postcard of Shelter’s “Quest For Certainty”, and an exclusive bundle that packs both the vinyl and the book. Dive into the punk-to-spirituality journey with these limited offers!

7 Degrees Records is thrilled to unveil “7DR054 – Hexis Relictus / Umbrae 8″” by the Danish blackened hardcore band HEXIS.

This eagerly anticipated EP, comprising two tracks recorded during the same sessions as their acclaimed 2022 album Aeternum, showcases HEXIS’s relentless energy and innovation. Engineered by the globally renowned Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio, the EP delivers a visceral mix of blackened hardcore aggression and doom-infused exploration.

“Relictus,” the EP’s first single, presents a high-octane assault that embodies HEXIS’s signature blend of hardcore ferocity tinged with black metal’s dark essence. Accompanied by a striking visualiser from Finnish production group Riivata Visuals, the track is a testament to the band’s mastery of intense, atmospheric soundscapes. “Umbrae,” on the other hand, delves into the depths of blackened doom, offering a slower, more malignant wall of sound that promises to captivate doom enthusiasts and hardcore fans alike.

hate5six has unleashed a new wave of live hardcore punk intensity, featuring performances by Pain of Truth, Prevention, Your Spirit Dies, Initiate, and more.

Including: Moral Pollution, Warfare, Gel, Snuffed, Public Opinion, E. Town Concrete, Squint, Wreckage, Side By Side, Gnaw, Incendiary, In Loving Memory, Ennui, Shakewell, Contention, and Madball.

BANE and COMEBACK KID are teaming up for a co-headlining tour across Europe this summer.

The limited run will kick off on June 15th in Munich, Germany at Kafe Kult, and will wrap up on June 24th in Rome, Italy at Eur Social Park.


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Leeds-based thrash metal outfit PEST CONTROL is smashing through the UK metal scene with their debut album Don’t Test The Pest, hailed as the most electrifying UK thrash debut in years.

Emerging from the ashes of the hardcore band Implement during the lockdown, guitarist Joe Kerry, alongside vocalist Leah Massey and drummer Ben Jones, decided to finally bring to life the thrash band they’d long envisioned.

With the inclusion of bassist Jack Padurariu and second guitarist Joe Williams, Pest Control morphed into a quintet, blending their hardcore roots with a profound love for metal, inspired by The Big Four, Testament, Kreator, and the thrash revival acts like Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb.

Toronto heavy hardcore mob COHEZION dropped new Promo tape.

Featuring bone-crushing tracks “Burning Forever” (feat. DEAR-GOD, Mile End, DoFlame, 100%PURE) and “Wrapped in Chains”, this 2-tracker is pure dope!

Italy’s hardcore metal group, KEEP THE PROMISE, delivers a scathing critique of online culture with their latest song and lyric video, “Stupid People On Social Media.”

Featuring guest vocalist Otis Artioli from The Wild Covenant, the track is off their EP “Mass Extinction,” released on June 16th, 2023. Described as a verbal assault by Metal Noise, the song condemns keyboard warriors and societal ignorance, addressing global capitalist power and media manipulation. Watch it HERE.

Norwegian blackened hardcore trio NAG announces their upcoming album “Boys of Europe,” set to release on April 12th via Fysisk Format.

Departing from their roots in a standard men’s clothing store franchise, the album delves into the ongoing conflicts across Europe. The title track, premiered via Metal Sucks, offers a visceral journey through Europe’s history of warfare, maintaining NAG’s signature style of intense aggression and social commentary. Formed on the Norwegian west coast, NAG combines elements of crust, punk, hardcore, and metal to create a sound that resonates with raw energy and defiance.

Chicago hardcore band XREDLINEX is gearing up to unleash their latest release, “Tongue Tied,” dropping on March 15, 2024.

Marko Karacic leads the charge, bringing together members from esteemed hardcore acts like Blindside, 2Minute Minor, Life Force, and more.

Hear new tracks below.

Hasiok Records has launched a new track from Bremen’s own Ex-Dom, returning to the fray with a full-length studio album, hot on the heels of their two critically-acclaimed demos.

This upcoming release boasts six brand-new tracks alongside three reimagined favorites, with the title song ‘En La Mira’ already storming the airwaves. Infusing their Deutschpunk with a raw Colombian edge, they stand poised to deliver an in-your-face experience that’s as authentic as it is fierce.

Long Beach’s own ’92 share their self-titled debut EP, out today via Rude Records.

The quintet’s sonic manifesto melds hardcore beats with gangster rap storytelling and G-Funk swagger, epitomized in politically charged tracks like “Above The Law.” ’92 embodies a fearless fusion of genres, daring to break boundaries and defy expectations. With their debut offering, they serve up a streetwise symphony that resonates with raw authenticity. Featured on Decibel, their music is a potent blend of aggression and groove, a visceral outcry in a world brimming with frustration.

Michigan-based hardcore band BIG DEAL has unleashed their debut album, “Beyond Repair,” today via Heroes + Martyrs, offering a high-octane blend of traditional hardcore with thrash metal influences.

With seven explosive tracks, the album captivates listeners with its gritty intensity, featuring stomping tempos and electrifying guitar solos reminiscent of bands like No Warning and Dead Heat.

Addressing the challenges of life head-on, the lyrics delve into themes of burnout, depression, envy, and relationships.

The AGGROS, helmed by the OG Cro-Mag himself, Parris Mayhew, have dropped their latest creation, SK8BORED FIGHT, slicing through the silence like a well-aimed kickflip.

Parris and the crew are crafting narratives, painting the town with shades of RUNDMC, RAMONES, BEASTIE BOYS, KISS, and BIGGIE, with a sprinkle of Clint Eastwood’s standoff charm. Imagine Chuck Lenihan and Parris, guitars in hand, in a face-off that could only be described as epic, under the neon glow of NYC’s nocturnal embrace.

Diving into RISE OF THE AGGROS, the album is a continuum of Mayhew’s legacy, a sonic journey that intertwines the raw energy of his early days with the wisdom of his years. It’s not just hardcore; it’s a progressive, metalcore evolution that refuses to be boxed in. Featuring the likes of Chuck Lenihan and Cobz, with a special appearance by Roy Mayorga on “Fear View Mirror,” this album is a testament to the AGGROS’ creativity.

London’s newest hardcore sensation, DYNAMITE, explodes onto the scene with their debut vinyl release, “Blow the Bloody Doors Off!”

Available now on Bandcamp, this high-octane album delivers a relentless barrage of adrenaline-fueled tracks that pay homage to the classic Brit film, “The Italian Job.” Drawing inspiration from Youth of Today and mid-2000s Boston hardcore, Dynamite injects a fresh perspective into the genre, igniting stages with their electrifying live performances.

Featuring guest appearances from prominent figures in the UKHC scene, and boasting a collaboration between two esteemed UK labels, this release epitomizes the spirit of UKHC family.

NY hardcore band INCENDIARY announces their European and UK tour for 2024.

Hitting cities like Berlin, Munster, Ysselsteyn, and Manchester, with stops at S036, Vainstream Rockfest, Jera on Air, and Outbreak Fest.

Get ready for a brutal onslaught of metal and beatdown with FINAL RESTING PLACE’s debut EP, “Prelude To Extinction.”

Hailing from New York and Maryland, this release is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve ever felt the urge to unleash your inner rage, this is the soundtrack you’ve been waiting for. Featuring jewel case CDs, t-shirts, and posters, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the relentless fury of Final Resting Place.

The NIGHTFEEDER “Disgustor” 7″ EP has just landed at Ruin Nation Records, bringing with it a raw burst of D-beat fueled HARDCORE PUNK from a supergroup of ex-CONSUME, DEATHRAID, DISRUPT, and STATE OF FEAR members.

This EP delivers three new tracks of unrelenting energy and sound that NIGHTFEEDER is becoming known for. Alongside the EP, there’s a restock of their self-released debut album, now repressed by NEW DARK AGE Records, featuring 11 tracks of high-octane hardcore punk. NIGHTFEEDER stands out in the scene, not just for the pedigree of its members, but for their unique and well-crafted approach to hardcore punk, continuing the legacy of singer/guitarist Jay Styles. Fans of the genre and the members’ previous bands are in for a treat.

MINDFORCE’s anticipated double-header in NYC hit a snag on Friday night (2/16) when their show at Saint Vitus was shut down mid-set.

Balmora’s performance was interrupted, and Mindforce didn’t get a chance to take the stage. Miles to Go Presents, the promoters, explained on Instagram that the shutdown was instigated by the Department of Buildings (DOB), not by the usual authorities like the fire marshal or NYPD. They hinted at the possibility of a personal vendetta against the venue and are exploring options for a makeup date.

German hardcore punks TO THE WIRE have unveiled their latest single, “Injustice System,” extracted from their recent album “Willpower,” released on January 26, 2024, through Dedication Records.

Additionally, the band has announced upcoming tour dates, including performances in cities like Hamm, Bonn, Essen, Arnsberg, Koblenz, Heerlen, Dickel, and Münster, with a highlight being their appearance at Hardcore Fest in Hamm on November 2, 2024.

Prepare for a sonic onslaught with DESORDEN’s latest release, “Afilado Terror.”

Hailing from Madrid, this hardcore powerhouse has been championing the city’s Straight Edge scene since 2018. With infectious tunes drawing inspiration from the likes of Breakdown, Gut Instinct, and Killing Time, Desorden creates music that demands attention and incites mosh pit mayhem.

Fronted by vocalist Alenka, whose snarling tone delivers impassioned lyrics in Spanish addressing social issues like sexism and mental health, the band delivers a powerful message wrapped in the gritty imagery of 50s horror movies. The album cover, designed by Colo Lopez, pays homage to this aesthetic, transporting listeners to a dystopian Madrid of 2024.

Finnish experimental hardcore group RATS WILL FEAST has inked a deal with Italy’s Time To Kill Records for the unveiling of their forthcoming album, “Hellhole.”

Originating from Jyväskylä, Finland, the band crafts their sonic realm from a blend of extreme aggression and hallucinatory chaos. Having embarked on an active touring circuit since 2018, their musical journey traverses through a spectrum ranging from pulverizing hardcore to noisy psychedelia and more subdued post-rock elements, as evidenced in their previous releases like 2019’s “Scarcity,” 2020’s EP “Songs of a Racehorse,” and 2021’s “Malady.” Their latest offering, “Hellhole,” further refines their signature destructive chaotic hardcore sound.

This album represents the culmination of their past endeavors, delivering a relentless exhibition of their core essence: frenetic rhythms, thunderous percussion, piercing vocals, diverse guitar melodies, and crushing riffs infused with gritty bass frequencies.

Embodying the band’s distinctive style, “Hellhole” is characterized by its intricate song structures and poignant, introspective lyrics grappling with the artificiality of modern existence.

Check out our previous features on the band HERE.

FIDDLEHAD is gearing up to storm the UK, and they’ve roped in MS PAINT and WRONG MAN for the ride.

Due to the London show selling out a staggering 7 months ahead, they’ve gone ahead and tacked on an extra night in the capital.

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DEAF CLUB, featuring HIRS and Fuck Money, is set to release a split 7” EP on limited edition color vinyl.

The collaboration between Deaf Club and The HIRS Collective delivers an original track titled “Biblical Loophole” along with a cover of Nirvana’s “Tourette’s”.

The HIRS Collective, dedicated to advocating for marginalized communities, joins forces with Deaf Club’s hardcore punk assault, while Fuck Money, known for their scrape rock sound, adds their transgressive subgenres to the mix.

Label-mates Deaf Club and Fuck Money will embark on a tour of EU/UK in April 2024, while The HIRS Collective will support The Armed with US shows in March. The split will be available digitally and on limited edition color vinyl in ketchup, mustard, and splatter variants, released by Three One G on March 22nd


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CUNTROACHES, the Berlin-based noise wave iconoclasts, unleash their self-titled debut album, featuring a fusion of metal, punk, hardcore, and noise.

With Martina on guitar/vocals, David on bass, and Claire on drums, the album delivers a dense, overwhelming wall of sound, blending various influences while maintaining a devastating focus. Recorded over several years, the LP incorporates unconventional elements like a warhorn made from septic pipes. Dedicated to their departed cat, Schtinky, the album is a testament to their unorthodox approach to music-making.

WEEKEND NACHOS have shaken off the dust of hiatus with a surprise eruption of live shows, their first since their apparent finale in 2017.

The comeback kicked off with a raw display at Chicago’s Metro last November, and now the group is charting a succinct trail across the US. The tour, aptly titled “We Felt Like Playing Shows Again,” promises a concise but sick series of gigs.

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