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The Patient Wait: PAINT IT BLACK unveils new track ‘Famine’

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In a dimly lit New York venue last fall, the crowd was electric, tinged with an unmistakable fever. It was a melting pot of die-hard fans and curious newcomers, all united by the love of music. But not just any music. They were there for Paint It Black, an institution of modern hardcore punk. Dan Yemin, the charismatic frontman, stepped up to the microphone and revealed the news everyone was waiting for: their long-awaited album was recorded and on its way. The room exploded with excitement.

Fast forward to today, September 6, 2023. The new single “Famine” is out, and fans are devouring it with the hunger its title suggests. Announced under their new label, Revelation Records, the single is no mere teaser but a loud declaration of the band’s evolving trajectory. It hints at their upcoming full-length album, also titled Famine, set for release on November 3rd.

For those in the know, Paint It Black has always been more than just Dan Yemin. Though Yemin’s vocals have left an indelible mark on the punk scene of Philly and beyond, the talents of Josh Agran, Andy Nelson, and Jared Shavelson make up the multi-faceted powerhouse that is Paint It Black. With Famine, this four-piece ensemble proves that they’re as inspired—and inspiring—as ever, perhaps even more so than with their last offering, 2013’s Invisible EP. The forthcoming eight-song record captures a charged atmosphere, reflecting a collective angst, a decade of pent-up frustration, and an undeniable urgency to speak truth to power.

What makes Famine truly remarkable is its melodic yet pummeling sound, a testament to the band’s ability to craft incisive, vibrant music. Their lyrical prowess is also on full display as they dissect the sanitized narratives of American history. A video accompanying the single juxtaposes live footage against provocative clips of propaganda and scenes of political unrest, making a compelling case for the band’s lyrical objectives.

But wait, there’s more: Paint It Black isn’t just dropping a new single and album; they’re bringing it live to their hometown. They’ve announced a record release show in Philadelphia on November 4th, featuring Pegboy, Radiator Hospital, and The HIRS Collective. And for those down South, they’re slated to perform at this year’s edition of The Fest in Gainesville, Florida on October 28th.

True to form, Paint It Black continues to be a band that only releases music when they have something crucial to say.

In a recent statement, Dan Yemin articulated this ethos: “It’s important to make things that are real, thoughtful, and not disposable. We don’t just put out a new record because it’s time to put out a new record. We put out a record when we’ve got something to say.” It’s clear that this hardcore punk band values authenticity above all else, and that ethos is deeply ingrained in every riff, every drumbeat, and every lyric in Famine.

It’s been a journey to get here.

From the promises whispered in that New York venue to the unveiling of a single that marks a new chapter, Paint It Black has kept us on the edge of our seats. And if “Famine” is any indication, the upcoming album promises to be a feast not just for the ears, but for the soul—a clarion call for these tumultuous times. Preorders for the album are now available through Revelation Records and digital on Bandcamp. So, prepare yourselves; Paint It Black is about to set the stage ablaze, once again.

Famine Tracklist:

Paint It Black

1. Famine
2. Dominion
3. Safe
4. Exploitation Period
5. Serf City, U.S.A.
6. The Unreasonable Silence
7. Namesake
8. City of the Dead

Upcoming Shows:

10/28 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
11/4 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church (Record Releae)

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