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THE UPTIGHTS release new album “I Was Dreaming” – a noisy, dreamlike endeavor

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Today marks the arrival of “I Was Dreaming,” the latest auditory offering from Oslo’s own The Uptights, highlighted in our recent “TOP 8 TWISTED JAZZY EXPERIMENTS” feature. Available for streaming and physical purchase, the album stands as a testament to the band’s evolving sonic identity.

The trio, which sprang into existence following a Japandroids concert at Oslo’s famed Blå venue back in February 2010, comprises Øyvind Bersvendsen on drums and more, Andreas Utvær Fossheim handling guitar, bass, and organ duties, and Andreas W. H. Lindvåg weaving vocals with guitar and bass. The Uptights have consistently pushed the envelope of noise and peculiarity beyond the boundaries their other musical endeavors would tolerate.

Influences for the group span a spectrum from cassette culture icons like Guided By Voices to the more contemporary revivals of emo, post-hardcore, folk, shoegaze, and post-punk. Their debut cassette, “At the Wörthersee Hotel,” showcased an atmospheric and experimental palette enriched by found sounds and microcassette recordings.

The band’s sophomore release, “It Is For Them That The Lights Twinkle,” garnered acclaim in 2021 for what Louderthanwar described as its “strange distorted beauty,” dubbing it “the best well-kept secret sounds to emanate from Norway.”

The new seven-track album “I Was Dreaming” introduces Anders Meyn Jensen on synth and guitars, who became a part of The Uptights in 2019. The record is particularly notable for the track “Tor Aukrust,” a six-minute closer that encapsulates the band’s dedication to what they call “dedicated amateurism” and their penchant for mono mixes. This latest work completes a trilogy that may leave fans wondering what auditory horizons the band will explore next.

Available on cassette with the promise of a nostalgic tactile experience, the album also offers unlimited digital streaming via the Bandcamp app and high-quality downloads in MP3 and FLAC formats.

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