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FORWARD TO EDEN’s dedicated quest through acoustic and core – new EP “I / IV” streaming, feat. xMAROONx cover!

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Delving into the visceral realm of metalcore, Forward To Eden has unfurled a project that captures attention not through sheer decibels but through its meticulous construction and ideological fervor. The entity at the helm, Tim Rule, known for his tenure with Castigator and The Rule, now presents ‘I / IV,’ a sonic venture that marks the first of four interconnected EPs. This initial offering is a testament to Rule’s dedication to the genre and the vegan straight edge ethos that underscores his work.

The EP rolls out with a rendition of xMAROONx’sStill Believe in What Has Fallen Apart,” reimagined with a raw, acoustic fervor that strips the metalcore classic down to its emotional core.

It’s a bold move, one that could easily falter in less capable hands, yet Forward To Eden manages to inject new life into the track, presenting it not as a mere cover, but as a reclamation, a reinterpretation that honors the original’s spirit while charting new territory.

On the flip side, Forward To Eden serves an original track, steeped in the heritage of ’90s metalcore, drawing comparisons to heavyweights like Caliban, Morning Again, or Poison The Well. The material is fresh, yet nostalgically familiar, a balancing act that Rule seems to navigate with a practiced ease.

This EP, limited to a pressing of 24 lathe-cut 8″ vinyl records, is an artifact for the collector—a physical manifestation of music’s ephemeral nature, complete with DIY aesthetics from the hand-cut jacket to the custom sleeve. The artwork, a piece of a larger puzzle, invites the collector on a journey to complete the visual narrative over the course of the four EPs.

Forward To Eden

The decision to eschew a full album in favor of this episodic release speaks to a deliberate pacing, a desire to let each piece of the project breathe. With the digital release coinciding with the commencement of pre-orders for vinyl and new merchandise, Forward To Eden fans are ushered into a gradual experience, with subsequent EPs teasing a two to three-month anticipation.

Tim Rule’s reflections on the project underscore his experimental approach. His covers are not mere replicas; they’re reenvisioned with twists that breathe new life into familiar melodies. The notion of an acoustic neo-folk version of a metalcore anthem might raise eyebrows, yet it’s exactly this audacious experimentation that defines Forward To Eden’s path.

Forward To Eden

As the project unfolds with the next EP slated for early 2024 and two more within the year, there’s an undercurrent of anticipation for what these new exclusive tracks and unique covers will reveal about the ever-evolving narrative that Rule is composing. This unveiling process, complete with more merchandise and potential new formats, promises a multifaceted experience for those who engage with the Forward To Eden ethos.

Forward To Eden

Navigating away from hyperbolic exclamations, one might simply state that Forward To Eden’s I / IV stands as a curious and engaging foray into a scene that thirsts for authenticity. Tim Rule’s endeavor isn’t about reinventing the wheel; rather, it’s about crafting a new vehicle that carries the legacy of metalcore into uncharted territories, driven by an unwavering commitment to his craft and convictions.

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Check out the new high energy banger from SOULPRISON:

SOULPRISON - new song Lucid Nightmare

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