Greg Bennick on relief versus development in 2016 and One Hundred For Haiti’s current goals

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Greg Bennick, a founder of One Hundred For Haiti, an organization that creates and supports long-term social development and human rights programs in rural Haiti, has released a new video explaining the difference between RELIEF and DEVELOPMENT in the post-earthquake Haiti. Watch below.

This video explains the core of what the work is that we do in Haiti and WHY we do it. With our local focus and support people on the ground for The Rural Water Project, and our partners “Little Footprints, Big Steps” initiatives like the anti-sexual assault GTPE trainings are coming to life in a major way and impacting lives in rural Haiti. Four and a half minutes is all you need to devote to hear the whole story! – Greg Bennick

HAITI donations

Want to help our work and put actions behind your desire to do something for others? You absolutely can. Here is a list of many of the things we are looking for help with. Download it (its a PDF), and be in touch with us anytime about where YOU can assist us. Our volunteer coordinator Sarah Rolfe can point you in the right direction and get you started. You can email her anytime at: sarah (at) onehundredforhaiti (dot) org.
Be in touch! We need your help for One Hundred For Haiti to grow and expand in 2016 and beyond!

GO HERE to see the list.

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