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THOT premieres new songs!

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Grégoire Fray from experimental / industrial alt rock band THOT celebrates the 10th anniversary of his debut record “The Huffed Hue” with new versions of two songs coming from that release. Re-worked and re-recorded as a band, these 2 recordings testify of their unique sound asthetics and energy developed through many European tours. From September 14th to 21nd, 100% of every digital purchases are going to be donated to the Red Cross of Belgium for its action toward the actual refugees crisis. Read the full message from Grégoire, listen to the new tracks below and head over here to grab free tickets for their upcoming European tour!

Photo by Vanessa Russo Gracinhas.

Grégoire Fray commented:

Beside the pleasure of releasing new material, I feel the need of doing something real for the refugee crisis. As I have the privilege of having a platform to reach out to a lot of people, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something. That’s why, from 14.09 to 21.09,100% of every digital purchases are going to be donate to the Red Cross of Belgium for its action towards the refugees crisis. It’s probably a tiny drop of hope in the Mediterranean sea which has turned into a graveyard, but together, we can achieve brillant things. However, If you don’t give a shit about our music (which is ok), please give directly to the Red Cross: http://www.icrc.org, or simply stand up from your desk and do some volunteer. You’ll receive so much by giving. – Thank you!


Grégoire Fray: guitars, programming and vocals
Gil Chevigné: drums and programming
Hugues Peeters: piano, keyboards and continuity
Dimitri Ianello: bass guitars
Arielle Moens: vocals
Music written, produced & mixed by Grégoire Fray
Mastered at Rare Sound Studio by Remy Lebbos

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