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Threads of vulnerability: emo punk rockers GOLDEN SEAMS unveil emotionally charged EP

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On May 16th, 2023, the Bordeaux based emo indie punk band Golden Seams is set to release their highly anticipated EP, following their debut album in early 2021. The EP, supported by labels such as Fireflies Fall (FR), Voice Of The Unheard (FR), Clever Eagle (USA), Non Ti Seguo (IT), Hunk Of Plastic (UK), and Trou Records (CH), delves into a range of personal and social questionings, shedding light on mental health issues. Today, we’re stoked to give you an early listen of the full thing, along with their recent music video for their song

Golden Seams, founded by a former guitarist from Low Relief, crafts a sound that seamlessly blends indie and punk influences. This one-man band creates poignant and evocative music, exploring deep emotional landscapes.

The EP tackles a myriad of personal and social struggles, delving into intimate introspection and shedding light on mental health challenges. Golden Seams fearlessly confronts these topics, creating a sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Expect raw and heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by captivating melodies that capture the essence of their message.

The EP’s front and back covers are the artistic creations of the talented Virginie Collombon, whose evocative illustrations add a visual dimension to Golden Seams’ musical narrative. Collombon’s work, showcased on her Instagram page, complements the band’s introspective themes, providing a visual representation of the emotional journey that awaits.

Golden Seams
Golden Seams

As the release date approaches, anticipation grows for the EP from Golden Seams. Prepare to immerse yourself in their heartfelt melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and immersive soundscapes. Get ready for a musical experience that delves deep into the human experience, addressing personal and social struggles with vulnerability and authenticity. Golden Seams is set to captivate and inspire, offering solace and solidarity through their emotive indie punk sound.

“No Season” Lyrics:

From Autumn to Winter
Seems so far from Summer
No more leaves on our walls
No more lead on our roads

Where are the landmarks to follow?
(I need) sunglasses to watch the snow
The sun burns my eyes down
I get everything they’ve thrown

Golden Seams
Golden Seams

Huddled in a corner
It’s hard to get better
Not physical but it hurts
I try to get better

A black veil on my head
Now I’m out of sight
My skin’s ready to shed
To receive a new light

Is there any way without fire on the ground?
I prefer water though I let myself drown

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