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TIMESCAPE ZERO’s discography streaming now!

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Florida’s hardcore band TIMESCAPE ZERO (members of HANGMAN) was formed in 1991 and were one of the pioneers of the new metallic hardcore subgenre called metalcore. Theyb officially broke up in 1998 and played a couple of reunion shows in 2004 and 2010. Members of TIMESCAPE ZERO are nw in SOUND4SOUND.


Discography reported on Wikipedia:

Welcome to the Kaliyuga – Demo cassette – 1991
Life in Sodom – Demo cassette – 1992
split 7″ with Subliminal Criminal on Feast of Hate and Fear – 1993
Born with the Fear of Dreaming – 12″ LP on Hefty Records / cassette on Feast of Hate and Fear – 1994
Total War – CD on X-Ray Records – 1997 / re-released on Feast of Hate and Fear – 2001
Everything Short of Total War (early years discography) – CD – 2004


“Timescape were the kings of south Florida hardcore back when I first got into hardcore long, long ago. The sleeping giant wakes from its slumber with a [re-press] album after all these years. This stuff sounds just as sold as they did back in the early ’90s. With a sound that covers bands like Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags, they come out hitting and don’t let up till the last note.” (KM of ) IMPACT PRESS

“…a reissue of material from this Florida metalcore band, and it’s good stuff… Straight metalcore the way it used to be, when there was actually a good dose of hardcore involved and not just mediocre metal. Most of the songs are moderately paced with heavy chord progressions and a few shifts in tempo that get a bit faster and more towards the old school hardcore vibe or head the other way towards massive breakdowns…” (Andrew of) AVERSIONLINE

“Timescape Zero is old school hardcore in the tradition of the great legends like the Cro-Mags and Madball. Not overly fast or obnoxious, but certainly old school in every right. Armed with superb lyrics (check out “Might Is Right” with lyrics from the poem “Logic of To-Day” by Ragnar Redbeard), Timescape Zero flies through ten tracks of brutal semi-anarchist Nietzsche hardcore metal. Fun!” (JSin of) SMOTHER

“This is a compliation of all the bands stuff on one cd. This is killer old school hardcore that if you missed the1st time around you really need to hear now. This is hardcore the way it is supossed to be played. Shouted vocals, killer break down parts and speed parts. No nu-metal let’s jump shit. This is the real deal. Buy or die.” (Chris F. of) METALCORE FANZINE

“Thrashed out using metal style rhythms (not harmonies) with a thrashy hardcore/punk blend of sound, this CD is a collection of some really good thrash. I liked this release a lot. It reminded me of a slower Killed by Action or 9 Shocks Terror. If you’re into either of those bands, you should definitely check these guys out.” (Joe of) CALAMITY PROJECT

“Second full length from this Florida band. Hard, gruff vocals reminiscent of bands like Floorpunch, x Chorus of Disapproval x, etc while the music is reminiscent of fast, early ‘90s semi-tough guy chugga chugga hardcore; I can hear a little bit of Cleveland in there as well. ” (J of ) VERY DISTRO

“… I could use some energetic music to celebrate the weekend. No nonsense, straightforward, with passionately screamed vocals, a constant loud guitar and tight drums. Final track is ‘Might is Right!’, based on a ‘survival of the fittest – social Darwinist’ Ragnar Redbeard poem. On second thought maybe not something to bring you in a happy weekend mood. But the bandmembers thank their mommies on the sleeve, so perhaps they are friendly guys after all.” (HD of) FUNERAL PROCESSION

“…flexing their musical muscle via powerful riffing and agreeable stop-start time changes. It kinda makes you yearn for the days when hardcore meant shaved heads, Fugazi and Suicidal Tendencies, before it was co-opted by nu-metal. Timescape Zero provide a welcome relife from the assorted dark ambient titles that come this way, and prove that a musical articluation of ‘Lex Talionis’ needn’t feature martial rhythms or Wagnerian symphonies.” (Tony of) COMPULSION ONLINE

“The ten songs in this CD have the old school hardcore sound with some thrash elements. There is a hint of NYHC influence … some thrash riffs, reminiscent of the good old crossover bands of the late 80’s like Cromags and a hint of Suicidal Tendencies. Amazingly this sounds as fresh as if it was recorded in 2000 or so. I think that’s the main reason why Feast of Hate and Fear decided to re-release this album. They have a lot of catchy melodies over angry vocals and the riffs are clear and crisp. I just hope this band is still around to this day to show young bands hat metalcore is all about.” (Roel of) TRIPALIUM

“Super thick slowed down NYHC, that wouldn’t be out of place on the “Where the Wild Things Are” compilation. Odd religious slant to the lyrics, but the undertow of bitter hatred is way too strong for that to be a concern.” (RC of) MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL

“…well-channelled rage with a heavy sound reminiscient of Carnivore, and The CroMags – just agressive, heavy instrumentations born of luciferic rebellion and fury driven by the fierce black flames of the heart … track 10 features a passage from Ragnar Redbeard’s ‘Might Is Right’ manifesto sung furiously by Adel 156. Overall, Two Horns Up!” (D. Blackthorne of) SHADOWMANTIUM

“Heavy riffs with really intense vocals. No, not that new kind of crawly metalcore vocals. They are more like the vocals of my all time favourites CroMags or Agnostic Front, raw and understandable without any harmonizers or effects, pure fucking stuff. The quality is damn good and everything is on the point and in the groove. The right music to jump up and down, get on the stage and dive into the audience. 10 songs, 10 stiches right in your head.” (RB of) DAREDEVIL

“First off, they get bonus points for having Boyd Rice on the record. Hardcore, that brings to mind a less studio-polished version of Suicidal Tendencies’ late 80s work. The old Boston sXe scene would also be a good comparisson. It’s pretty balls to the wall, kids, so get it if you like it rough, but with a brain behind it! (STM of) HIT LIST MAGAZINE

“Timescape Zero is one of those bands that bring it straight to you. No bullshit, its just all about the music. If I could describe Timescape Zero it would be a whole lot of punk and a whole lot of heavy metal. A great listen to blow your ear drums out!” (Ashley of) FREAKZ OF ROCK

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