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TO KILL farewell show recap [UPDATE]

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Italian vegan straight edge hardcore punks from TO KILL played their farewell show yesterday, April 26th, 2014, at Traffic Club in Rome. Also on the bill were JET MARKET (reunion), STRENGTH APPROACH, and HIEROPHANT. Watch some of the videos shot during the show below.

Formed in 2004, TO KILL have toured heavily and were known for their fight for animal and human rights. They released a demo on Still Life Records, Watching You Fall (2005) on Catalyst Records, “Vulture” EP (2006) on GSR Music, “When Blood Turns Into Stone” (2008) on GSR Music and Demons Run Amok Entertainment, and “Antarctica” (2010) on Let It  Burn Records.

TO KILL band

Let It Burn Records explained:

To Kill started out of plain love for hardcore and based on solid friendships amongst its members. However, what’s been very unique right from the start was a unconditional dedication to the band and its cause. That made To Kill, after only a few years, one of the biggest names in today’s European hardcore scene. 

With an unbelievably huge amount of shows To Kill have been playing around Europe as well as the USA, the band has been touring relentlessly after the release of their debut mcd on Still Life Records and their debut album “Watching You Fall” on Catalyst Records. 

The Gsr Music-years (2006-2009) first brought the release of their second album “Vultures”, a long winter tour with American metal band Gather, visiting almost every country in Europe and their most important tour at the time, supporting Swedish hardcore legends Raised Fist, followed by the several big festivals in Europe and yet another tour with Set Your Goals and No Trigger. In spring 2008 To Kill released their acclaimed second effort for Gsr, “When Blood turns Into Stone”, a fresh new record a little more metal influenced. The release was followed by various tours/shows with some of the biggest bands in today’s hardcore and metal scene, like Parkway Drive, Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead, finally ending the year 2008 with the band’s first headliner tour in Europe supported by two promising American bands, Recon and Liferuiner. In 2009, after yet another tour with US hardcore legend Bane, and the release of their “Maelstrom” mcd, which has been released as a benefit for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an organization strongly supported by the band, To Kill started working on their final album. 

The new record is called “Antarctica” and marks the final step in To Kill’s career. Although it is, without any doubt, their most powerfull and passionate release to date, supported by a new and strong partnership with Let it Burn Records, the band decided to call it a day after one final tour and a handful of farewell shows in Italy. 

“Antarctica” represents like nothing else the band’s life and attitude, blending more perfectly than ever before their hardcore roots with their metal influences. It is a strong and solid final statement of one of the most active and influential European Hardcore Bands of the decade.


The band announced their break up in December 2013 by posting the following message:

We left four years ago with a promise, we’re here to keep it.

We promised we would say goodbye, we’re here to do that.

To Kill has been the adventure of our lives and since the end is important in all things, we feel it’s important to leave the stage looking all of you, who took part in it as much as we did, in the eye.

So, next year, before summer, we’ll play our last two shows. You know we like keeping promises so there won’t be reunion shows, there won’t be any other chance: this is it. There will be no encores, there will not be weird attitudes: we’ll tell you which songs we’ll play and we’ll be there doing our best to tear down the venues, the way we’ve always done. This time we’ll need you more than ever, after all this time away from each other.

We have already decided where, when and with who we’ll do this, we’ll tell you more as soon as we have final confirmation. We thank al lof you with our hearts, but this is our last word and we intend to keep it.

So, thank you all, we hope you are a but as excited aboutthis as we are.

See you soon.


TO KILL poster

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