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TODAY IS THE DAY Premieres “No Good To Anyone”; New Album To See Release Through BMG!

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BMG welcomes visionary metal outfit TODAY IS THE DAY to the label’s massive roster, confirming the band’s new LP, No Good To Anyone, for release in early 2020.

No Good To Anyone was recorded and mastered by TODAY IS THE DAY’s Steve Austin, who offers,

“I fuckin’ love my new album, No Good To Anyone. I wanted to make the heaviest and most rocking, psychedelic songs possible. To take you on a trip. Anything goes at any second. No Good To Anyone is an experience. No Good To Anyone is beginning of the end of your life.”

Along with the the cover art, commissioned to Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice), the title track to No Good To Anyone has been issued through an exclusive premiere hosted by Decibel Magazine who writes,

“‘No Good to Anyone,’ the title track to the brand-new album from extreme music visionary Steve Austin’s TODAY IS THE DAY, is the sound of a man pulling himself straight through hell and battling his way out. Building from slow, doomy dirges into a tangled mess of jagged guitars, discordant notes, off-kilter drumming and half-snarled-half-shrieked vocals, the song is proof positive that TODAY IS THE DAY have a point to prove and a story to tell on their new album.”

TODAY IS THE DAY’s No Good To Anyone will see release through BMG in February 2020. Watch for full details on the album to be issued in early January alongside new audio and video previews of the album, tour dates, and more.


TODAY IS THE DAY has been one of the most groundbreaking and unclassifiable entities in experimental music for nearly thirty years, achieving notoriety on fabled bastions of both noise-rock (Amphetamine Reptile) and metal (Relapse, Southern Lord). For such a bold and uncompromising artist, frontman Steve Austin has been a reliably prolific fixture both on wax and the live stage. Although TITD’s last album, Animal Mother, emerged six long years ago, he has played out frequently in the interim: with Kayo Dot, Abigail Williams and Weedeater from 2015 through 2017; a month with Soulfly and Nailbomb in 2018; high-profile one-offs at Psycho Las Vegas and Maryland Deathfest later that year; even the occasional European tour. Album number eleven was taking a while, sure, but fans probably assumed the machine was running as smoothly as ever.

They had no idea what Austin endured in the preceding three years. No Good To Anyone represents the literal sound of a man rising from the darkest and lowest point of his life to a new plateau, delivering one of the most dynamic and poignant records in TODAY IS THE DAY’s enduring and ongoing legacy.

Steve Austin has performed on and produced Burn The Priest, the self-titled album from the band that would evolve into Grammy-nominated juggernaut Lamb Of God, introduced the world to half of Grammy-winning juggernaut Mastodon by showcasing Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor as the rhythm section on TODAY IS THE DAY’s crushing 1999 LP In The Eyes Of God, toured with first-ballot extreme music Hall Of Famers ranging from Motörhead and Morbid Angel to Neurosis and the Melvins, has been called onstage to share his unmistakable voice with iconic veterans Brutal Truth, Napalm Death and Sick Of It All, and more.

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