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TOGETHER book their August/September tour

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TOGETHER will release their 7” entitled “Prologue” on their tour in the end of August and September. Feel free to drop them an e-mail if you are interested in booking them.


Here are the dates available for booking:
25/08/2012 – [email protected]
26/08/2012 [email protected]
27/08/2012 [email protected]
28/08/2012 [email protected]
29/08/2012 [email protected]
30/08/2012 [email protected]
31/08/2012 [email protected]
01/09/2012 [email protected]
02/09/2012 [email protected]
03/09/2012 [email protected]
04/05/2012 [email protected]
05/09/2012 [email protected]

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