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AMERICAN ME / GIVE’EM BLOOD to tour Europe in September

Portland, Oregon’s AMERICAN ME and Graz, Asutria’s GIVE’EM BLOOD are booking their European tour for September.

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Here’s the conditions raider:

Travelparty: 12 People
Accomodition: hotel, privat as longs as it s dry, warm and comfortable and not 100km away
Catering: for 12 people according to rider (sandwiches etc upon get in plus hot meal and drinks)
Backline: The Bands have their complete backline with them which can’t be used by the other bands, exapt amps, symbols, stands, sticks, instruments
Tech rider: info will soon follow. Expect the usual … All local crew ( sound , lighting etc ) has to be provided by promoter.

GIVE’EM BLOOD – “Contaminated”:

AMERICAN ME – “Black Malicious Lie” video:

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