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Tokyo based hardcore crew LOYAL TO THE GRAVE share their first EP in 7 years on Triple B Records

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Tokyo based outfit Loyal To The Grave have been mainstays in the Japanese hardcore scene since 1998. Today, the band shares “Rectitude” on Triple B Records, their first EP in seven years.

The 5 songs on their new EP exemplify the relentless, metallic sound the band has crafted over 14 releases.

Serpentine riffs and crushingly heavy drums support the dynamic vocals, punctuated by stomp-worthy breakdowns that are equal parts creative and ferocious.

Scott Vogel (Terror) lends vocals on “Remain Steadfast”, one of the most pulverizing songs on the EP and a masterclass in heavy hardcore songwriting.

Rectitude was recorded by Devu at DevuRecordingStudio and Gaku Taura, mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. You can stream it HERE and order vinyl from Triple B Records.

Loyal To The Grave is Koba – Vocals, Hiro – Guitar, Hiroyuki – Guitar, Takashi – Bass, and Kairi – Drums.

Upcoming Shows:

5/18 Shinjuku @ Nine Spices w/ MOURNING, TEMPLE GUARD and more
6/1 Kasawaki @ Club Citta @ BLOODAXE FEST

LOYAL TO THE GRAVE “Rectitude” Lyrics

1. Justified

Looking back on all these years reflect on myself
I never thought I’d be here now
To taste the bitters of life
All the hardships sweat and tears
But we all made it through, we all made it through
United we stand, devided we fall
United we stand, devided we fall
We’re all from different parts of this world
We grew up in different cultures of each own
But we’re all here now
This scene meant everything back then
This is my rectitude
I stood up proud and strong, swell with pride
We’ll be there till the end, our actions justified
I will fight for what we made I will fight for what we chose
Stay true
We stay true to this

2. Burn It Down

The path that I tread is as straight as my edge
Never look back to make it through keep my mind clear
The way forward lit from the bridges I burnt
Never looking back, I know, I know what this life means to me
I keep it real
Make a way
When life tries to fuck you over, burn it down
When life tries to set you back, burn it down
I don’t need pollution in my mind, in my heart
I know what this life means to me
I’m always staying ahead
Staying ahead
When life threatens your very soul
Burn that fear down
Never look back, never looking back
I’m moving forward

3. Backstabber

We were thick as thieves
Bonded by strong chains
But some are like that drift away, grow up and leave this place
To never return and leave it all behind
Now your name fills our heart with regret
Backstabber how could you do this to us
Backstabber you cannot look us in the eye
We never thought it would end like this
With disgust on our tongue
We don’t know what happened to you
But you made your choice
Went your own way
You let us down
How disappointed we feel
Can you turn it around?
Like a delusion to us
We wouldn’t abandon you
Still have a chance to get back on your feet
Now it’s time to turn over a new leaf
Backstabber you can still make it
We can start all over
We can push forward till the end

4. Remain Steadfast

When trying a new thing every time
What if something fails
I can’t see the future
Starting to feel the strain
Disgusted with myself, I try to escape this
How can I save myself?
I’m reminded of the times
The days we overcame
The importance of sticking to our beliefs
When trying a new thing every time
What if something fails
Starting to see the future
Feel the strengh in my heart
No more anguish
No more misery
Now is the time to save myself
I’m reminded of the times
Remain steadfast
Light the trail
The courage to keep pushing ahead
Our bravery inside, gives birth to confidence
Where there’s a will, there is a way
It always seems impossible until it’s done
When keeping the faith
New doors open
Now is the time to start

5. Striving Higher

Every day it’s the same, so many struggles to fight against
Always in my way, will it ever end?
I must strive to overcome and keep my path clear
Nothing will stop my resolve
Get the fuck out, this is my way
It’s my way
Doing nothing, same as dying
That won’t be my fate
Cause sleep is the cousin of death
That won’t be my fate
I will give it everything I’ve got to make it to the end
Give it all to make it to my destination
Striving higher
Only true believers remain
Get through
Keep moving ahead

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