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Tokyo hardcore band 9991 share new single

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Gerpfast Records has announced the new tape release of Tokyo hardcore pack 9991, delivering a perfect treat for fans of acts like ICED, Nails, Friendship, Sepsis, RINGER, Sunami, Lycanthrophy, or Throat Breach. The band’s debut demo features two tracks, ‘Change of Fight’ and ‘Daizai’, and you can taste both of them through a teaser video above and “Change Of Fight” track stream below.

Comments the label: “In a few years, the Hardcore scenes are growing bigger and bigger—many new names coming into this new era and bringing more heat. Especially in Asia, you can’t count how many the young generation is growing in the Hardcore scene and there are so many of them! Every month or maybe every week, there’s always a new one. The generation who will shout to the thunder, the generation who will keep the fire burning!”

“And in this heavy year, a heavy debut Demo by Tokyo Hardcore unit, 9991 was born! Formed by 5 powerful weapons ready to set the fire in the moshpit! Consist SENA (Vo), HACHISU (Gt), ERIKA (Gt), THE MISALIN (Ba) and HARUNA (Dr). Together, they create solid, intense, and loud sounds. A massive explosion that will hit straightly to your face!”

“2 tracks inside their debut ‘Change of Fight’ and ‘Daizai’ is the reason why 9991 will be the next serious shit! Pressed on a very limited black-transparent cassette, a must-have KICK ASS DEMO!”


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