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Top 10 Czech Metal Bands Worth Checking Out, by technical death metallers SUPREME CONCEPTION

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In our ongoing ‘lists’ series, we continue to share different takes and perspective of various artists of mutliple genres from all around the world. Some guests present their personal favorites, while other enclose top up and coming local artists or their biggest inspirations. Today, we’re expanding the series with a fresh selection of top Czech metal bands worth a check, as seen by technical death metal SUPREME CONCEPTION, who are about to unleash their massive new EP “Empires Of The Mind“, which we’re stoked to tease with some more details below!

SUPREME CONCEPTION’s technical death metal / deathcore beast “Empires of the Mind” comes out August 6, 2021! Listen to the first single off of the new EP, titled “Harboring The Fractured Transcendence,” below.

“Technical brutal death metal outfit Supreme Conception has returned after a long hiatus with a brand new single and announcing a new EP… With the help of Aaron Stechauner (drums, ex RINGS OF SATURN), they began to craft new material, moving away from brutal death metal and into a more modern technical death metal sound.” – Metal Injection

SUPREME CONCEPTION is brutal, technical death metal, was conceived in 2006 as a one-time collaboration of established musicians from the Czech death metal scene (DESPISE, IMPERIAL FOETICIDE, INTERVALLE BIZARRE, GARBAGE DISPOSAL). At the time, it was composed of Michal Kusak (vocals, ex DESPISE, ex IMPERIAL FOETICIDE), Frank Serak (all guitars and bass, ex GARBAGE DISPOSAL, ex INTERVALLE BIZZARE) and Jirka Zajic (drums programming, ex INTERVALLE BIZZARE). The trio came up with their own blend of technical death metal in the vein of early DECREPIT BIRTH, SUFFOCATION or HATE ETERNAL. After the release of the “Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance” mini album in 2009, the three members went on to pursue other musical ventures, most notably HEAVING EARTH (Jirka Zajic and Michal Kusak).

In 2019, Michal Kusak asked Martin Meyer (guitars, Heaving Earth) to help revive SUPREME CONCEPTION as a full-time band. With the help of Aaron Stechauner (drums, ex RINGS OF SATURN), a new material was crafted in order to start the new chapter for Supreme Conception. The change in the line-up has led the band away from brutal death metal to a more contemporary version of technical death metal. As the new record (a mini album) entitled “Empires Of The Mind” is ready to be released in 2021, the band has started working on their first full-length album.

“Empires of the Mind” EP will be out August 6th, 2021. Mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY, The Grid Productions).

Musically, “Empires Of The Mind” is in the realm of tech death metal bands such as BEYOND CREATION, OBSCURA, DECREPIT BIRTH or ARCHSPIRE. Lyrically, the EP looks at humanity that has moved away from obsolete religious dogmas and has started building its future on a rational mind, advancing knowledge and cutting-edge science. As a result, the whole civilization is moving to another level. It is starting to comprehend the laws at the quantum level and aspiring to reach for the stars at the same time. And at last, it feels liberated. The question is, whether humankind will make it and will transform, perhaps into another species altogether, or downfall and descend into chaos. The album features guest appearances by Aaron Stechauner (INTERLOPER, ex RINGS OF SATURN, ex ABIOTIC) on drums and Jaroslav Petrik (ELYSIUM, ex DESPISE) on backing vocals.

The first single, “Harboring The Fractured Transcendence,” deals with knowledge transfer throughout history and is dedicated to Hypatia, who once led the Great Library of Alexandria and was ahead of her time, only to be killed by a mob of Christians, because of a feud with Cyril, the bishop of Alexandria. Cyril was canonized by his church, while Hypatia has mostly been forgotten.

Top 10 Czech Bands Worth Checking Out


One of the better-known tech death bands out of Czech Republic. They released a few quality albums, toured a lot and built a name for themselves internationally. Unfortunately, they lost some momentum due to line up issues in the past few years, but they are on the path back and have an album waiting to be released on Transcending Obscurity! Their style is more traditional, but definitely worth checking!


This is definitely one of the darkest death metal bands around here, if not the darkest one, composed of brilliant musicians (Marty Meyer being one of them). They have two albums under their belt, toured around Europe with MARDUK and IMMOLATION and won the Czech version of “Grammy”. They have just finished their third album and I think it will become one of the albums of 2022. In the same league as DEAD CONGREGATION (though more progressive and less old school) or ULCERATE.


These guys are another tech death old-timers. Their records may be sparse, but they continue to evolve. Their line up consists of top-notch musicians and Martin Schuster, the key member, is also involved in some interesting prog rock projects (MARTIANS or FACE THE DAY).


They were one of the first bands here who built their style and sound around the old school Swedish death metal, but they did so well ahead of the revival wave of the recent years. What differentiates them is their song-writing because unlike others, they know how to write good songs and within this style, they have their own thing going. And they absolutely kick ass live!


This is one of the hidden gems of the Czech death metal. Technical and super high-energy at the same time. Daja (also THE CORONA LANTERN, ex KEEP ON ROTTING), the vocalist, is also a very talented photographer and visual artist. Thanks to her, SUPREME CONCEPTION have quality photos, banners etc. This is a band to keep an eye on for sure!


ELYSIUM started as a thrash metal but refreshed their sound over the time. With the arrival of Jarda “Bejv” Petrik, their sound could be described as deathcore. Jarda, who initially played bass in DESPISE and later on shared the vocal duties with me in that band, provided some great guest vocals on “Empires Of The Mind”. Hear more of his vocals on “The Path Of No Return”.


This is one of the original brutal death metal bands around here. They are very dedicated guys who continue refining their style with each record. And like GODLESS TRUTH, they also have a new album lined up and waiting to be released on Transcending Obscurity. So watch out for them.


These guys are more thrash metal / core oriented, but I need to mention them here because this is one of the bands where Jirka Zajic (who did the drum programming on the first SUPREME CONCEPTION record) plays drums. They definitely kick ass live. So if you are into this style of music, you may want to check them out.


Previously known as VICTIMS, they are probably the most prominent deathcore band around here. But they started quite a few years back when deathcore was not the fad yet. They have mostly been producing EPs, but released a full-length the last year which showcased their evolution to date. This band has ambition to evolve and move their game to the next level, and I think their future material will be quite interesting.


A relatively young band, but certainly with an ambition. Also full of talented musicians. Their style is quite contemporary and could be described as a mix of technical death and deathcore – on the more melodic side of things. Based on their latest record, I think they have a potential to grow and make some good impact.

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