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French hardcore / reggae punks BLACK MANTRA check in with new song, new exciting crossover split coming up!

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French crossover reggae infused hardcore punks BLACK MANTRA have shared their new video for the song “S.U.V (Sick & Useless Vanity)”, coming from the forthcoming split LP “Intérieur Déter” with Pavasse (Street Punk) & HPS crew (Rap),slated for a fall release later this year.

“We started the band in 2017 mixing hardcore punk and a few reggae songs.” – says the Bressuire based band.

Asked about the content behind their new track, they explain that “lyrics of S.U.V (and most of our lyrics) are talking about the absurdity of modern life and human contradictions.”

“So many advertisments are showing you the S.U.V. is the car you need to have for a perfect life in a perfect wolrd… while we are struggling against climate change, and global extinction…”

“Our singer Gus made this video using collages from our bass player, pictures of monsters from Tibetan temples taken by our friend Mr Plus and many pics of destroyed S.U.V., space conquest and propaganda.”

“It’s a bit inspired by Winston Hacking’s work but without any budget (DIY till we die) and this is the result.”

BLACK MANTRA, Gus (vocals, also of Trouble), Guigui (bass, also of New Dawn), Tony (guitar, also of Circles and Omahas), Marol (drums, also of Bunkum), realesed their demo in 2017 and first EP “Son of the modern age” in 2019.

Black Mantra

The “Intérieur Déter” split will contain 3 songs for each band and 1 song called “Bad Time”, made together, mixing reggae, rap and punk. Check out the sneak peek in the form of INTERIEUR DETER’s “Bad time” (feat. HPS – Black Mantra – Pavasse) to get the right idea of what’s coming.

It will be out later this year on 1dproduXion and Bästardz.

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