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Top 10 Hardcore EPs of 2022 – Rio De Janeiro metallic hardcore band CLAVA share mini-albums worth a check

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Fresh off the recent release of their captivating EP “Sudaméfrica“, addressing a variety of social and political issues, including police brutality, government corruption, and inequality, Rio de Janeiro metallic hardcore pack CLAVA join us for a special (and a bit late) end of the year wrap-up, with their cool list of top hardcore EPs worth a good listen!

In Brazil, the straight edge movement has been an influential part of the hardcore punk scene for many years.  From Point of No Return, Confronto, to Age of Quarrel and Archote, there are numerous straight edge bands in Brazil, and the movement has a strong following among young people in the country. And as Brazil’s government leaves behind holes in the budget and social disruption, and on the other hand straight edge ideology is often intertwined with political and social activism, many straight edge punk bands in Brazil use their music as a platform to address issues such as animal rights, environmentalism, and social justice. CLAVA is just that and much much more.

The band discussed their lyrical content in their recent feature at NoEcho, so we’ll leave it for a further dig, and for now, we are giving you their top EPs, filled with thought-provoking social themes, but also mind blowing sonic performance of many different flavours.

Sike Out – Afraid of the Unknown

Sike Out is a Hardcore band from Connecticut, USA and released their first EP “Afraid of the Unknown” via Cement Teeth Recordings in August of 2022. This EP delivers 6 tracks of metallic Hardcore crafted perfectly for the pit. If you’re a spinkicker and like early Knocked Loose material this EP is for you, just go get it.

Favourite Track: Overburden

One True Reason – Reality is a Wound

Directly from São Paulo, Brazil, One True Reason brings their new EP “Reality is a Wound” in October of 2022. The EP brings 4 tracks of some good straight forward and perfectly executed metallic Hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed, certainly my favourite release from the band.

Favourite track: Ghosts of Tragedy

No Souls Saved – Not One Saved

Bringing together several familiar faces from other United Statian bands such as Mind Force, Sanction and Vein.FM, No Souls Saved emerges from the ocean of Death Metal/Hardcore bands coming up with one of the best releases of this year. “Not One Saved” came up in August as a follow up of the 2022 PROMO which featured “Behold” and “Enter my Society”, also on the EP. 5 tracks of one of the most nasty combinations of Death Metal and Hardcore i’ve seen out there.

Favourite Track: ENTER MY SOCIETY

Dor – Hostilidade Primitiva

If you’re into the more unorthodox side of Hardcore Punk “Hostilidade Primitiva” is for you. Dor delivers 4 tracks of beautifully crafted blackened post-punk hardcore punk (?) if that’s a thing. If you’re into bands like Devil Master give “Hostilidade Primitiva” a spin.

Favourite Track: Memória

xDELIVERANCEx – The Ultimate Sacrifice

“The Ultimate Sacrifice”, released in July, is the pure juice of 90’s, early 2000s European Hardcore. Besides that xDELIVERANCEx also kinda figured out their way to run from being simple nostalgiacore, bringing their own aesthetic elements, keeping it contemporary and delivering a fun and pretty deep EP.

Favourite Track: The Ultimate Sacrifice

defdot – Vol.1

This first EP from defdot released this December brings on 4 tracks of blasting yet mathy metallic Hardcore. The band comes from São Paulo, Brazil and really puts effort in making some out of the box Hardcore, bringing elements of mathcore into the mix and making it catchy, crafting a really awesome first EP.

Favourite Track: Ovos Verdes e Presunto

Envision – And Still…

Envision is a Hardcore band from Florida that brings a touch of traditional heavy metal to their 90s metallic Hardcore effort, and in their EP “And Still…” released in March of 2022 via From Within Records, these influences become even more present. Don’t expect here a band like Age of Apocalypse that the heavy metal influences are more direct. Envision brings these influences as if Randy Rhoads was Strain’s guitarist, building a really distinct sound, awesome EP.

Favorite track: Beyond

Budang – Astrologia, Destino & Salmos

Budang is a Hardcore band straight from Santa Catarina/Brazil that brings its third EP “Astrologia, Destino & Salmos” October of 2022, delivering the pure sauce HC punk. Giving a slight touch of NYHC to their sound, Budang makes how would SSD sound if Al Barile had been born in New York in the 90s and had received Turnstile’s “Step to Rhythm” through a time machine

Favourite Track: Morar no Bar

Foreign Hands – Bleed The Dream

Bleed The Dream” by Foreign Hands was certainly one of the releases of 2022 that I heard the most. The perfect balance between Hardcore, Metalcore and Emo manages to show the influences of the band and yet produce something refreshing. Making references to bands like Poison the Well, Skycamefalling and 7 Angels 7 Plagues, the band rescues the Hardcore spirit of innovation of that moment, delivering 5 diverse tracks that build an EP that leaves me really looking forward to the next material.

Favourite Track: Separation Souvenir

Lasso – Amuo

Amuo is the second EP by the Hardcore Punk band, Lasso. Directly from Bahia/Brazil, Lasso features 7 tracks of raw and crooked hardcore punk with influence from Boston bands from the early 80’s, resulting in a hostile and fun EP, able to please both the most orthodox hardcore kids and those who appreciate more modern sounds.

Favourite Track: Precipitações

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