BROKEN VOW by Cam@s0leimpulse, Grand Rapids, 2022 2
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Top 10 Metal/Hardcore Breakdowns, compiled by New England metallic hardcore band BROKEN VOW

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Influenced by Earth Crisis, Strain, and Indecision, Sane Minds End EP sees BROKEN VOW grinding their way to cut their teeth on traditional hardcore of the 90s, while simultaneously pulling from more modern, metallic elements. The new EP builds upon the band’s sense of urgency initiated on their 2020 demo, which caught the attention of Sunday Drive Records and led to them joining the SDR roster. The record is also out on New Morality Zine and today we’re giving it a nod with a special list of Top Breakdowns, as seen by the band’s vocalist Tommy Harte!

Broken Vow, a young band scattered throughout the Northeast, has wasted no time actualizing their hopes. The formation of the band began in the most genuine of waysβ€” a group of people being introduced to each other at a local hardcore show with talks of starting a band shortly following. Despite the 2020 COVID lockdown, the band put their nose to the ground and released their 90s HC-inspired demo, quickly catching the attention of Sunday Drive Records, who later re-released the demo and joined their roster.

Lyrically, Broken Vow continues to create a re-vitalizing social commentary for a new generation of hardcore kids. Combined with building guitar riffs, sharp bass lines, and galloping drums, Sane Minds End is a new chapter for the young, promising band.

Amassing 8.7k streams in 2021 on Spotify alone, the band has been growing rapidly in its success since its first show in September. They have since opened for artists like Cruel Hand, Dare, Year of the Knife, One Step Closer, & Restraining Order.

BROKEN VOW by Emski@EmilyRose_woo
BROKEN VOW by Emski@EmilyRose_woo

Top 10 Breakdowns

Company Of Storms – Undying

Metalcore is my favorite genre of music and this bands combination of Melodic Death Metal sound with Hardcore ethos has long been a favorite of mine. The breakdown in this song has never disappointed me on the record and always feels as visceral yet tasteful as it does on first listen.

Through Eyes Unclouded – xRepentancex

Probably tied for the best vegan straight edge band of the last 10 years, Evan gets pissed at me for quoting the lyrics that go over this breakdown so much but what can I do?

In The Trenches – Dying Fetus

This band was one of the first Death Metal acts I got into, probably because of the offensive name. Showing someone this breakdown for the first time is always fun because the mix of disbelief, disgust, and impression on a human’s face is not one that occurs naturally. Thanks Dying Fetus!

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BROKEN VIW by Emski@EmilyRose_woo
BROKEN VIW by Emski@EmilyRose_woo

Ceaseless – Magnitude

Straight Edge.

Gravedigger – Architects

The best to do it from their crop of Metalcore. Specifically the breakdown after the first chorus where the ambient guitars (yes they’re guitars) come in captivated me and after many failed attempts I still haven’t been able to replicate it in any way that’s as good as the original. Maybe next year.

The End Of Heartache – Killswitch Engage

Killswitch is my favorite band. This track is essentially three breakdowns and a chorus. Perfect music.

Old Data In A Dead Machine – Vein

Insane band. Insane track. Insane record. Pain can be trusted.

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BROKEN VOW by Cam@s0leimpulse, Grand Rapids, 2022
BROKEN VOW by Cam@s0leimpulse, Grand Rapids, 2022

Solitary Resolution – xElegyx

Tied for most important vegan straight edge band of the last ten years with repentance. If you can listen to this song without singing along to the ending breakdown we probably can’t be friends.

Winter Ends – Kickback

Fuckin Kickback man, no one did it better. My favorite track off Forever War. Thank you Colby for showing me this.

Dead Embryonic Cells – Sepultura

Another song Colby showed me. Thrash metal and breakdowns belong together.

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