DEL JUDAS, by Jaka Vinšek
DEL JUDAS, by Jaka Vinšek
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Top 10 Soundtracks for a Nocturnal Drive, by Charlie Schmid of DEL JUDAS

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When the city quiets down and the streetlights flicker on, there’s a certain magic that starts to unfold. This is where Charlie Schmid, aka DEL JUDAS steps in. This project is Charlie’s way of telling stories, blending the eerie charm of country-goth tunes with nods to legends like Johnny Cash and Chris Isaak, all while carving out a space that’s entirely his own.

Back in 2018, DEL JUDAS dropped “Deity,” an album that felt like a late-night drive through a desert of memories, wrapped in the velvet darkness of the night. Critics dug it, and why wouldn’t they? It had that vibe of cruising down a lonely highway with only your thoughts and a haunting melody for company.

Fast forward to now, and Charlie’s breaking the silence with “Angela,” his first track since that debut, promising a mix of the familiar deep, dark tones and something new, a bit lighter but just as captivating.

Charlie’s journey’s taken some interesting turns since those early days. He’s not just revisiting those gothic Americana roots; he’s playing around with them, mixing in a sense of playfulness and revelation. It’s a rebirth, in his own words, not just of his music but of himself too.

And if you’re the kind of person who finds solace in the night, who feels that pull of the road under the stars, Charlie’s cooked up something special.

He’s put together a Top 10 list of tracks for those nocturnal drives, the kind that turn a simple journey into something unforgettable. From the retro vibes of Kavinsky to the timeless croon of Chris Isaak, it’s a playlist that promises to be the perfect backdrop for those midnight adventures.

1. Kavinsky “Zenith”

I love the nostalgic ’80s vibe and always put this track on at night when I’m driving home late from a gig. It’s perfect from start to finish, evoking a sense of longing and introspection that resonates deeply.

2. Chris Isaak “You Owe Me Some Kind of Love”

If you’re lost in love, or just getting over another one that got away, this track delivers with its low slung strat lines, flange effects, rhythmic vocals, and one hell of a danceable tempo. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

3. Echo and the Bunnymen “Killing Moon”

I vividly remember riding bikes around my block one Halloween and hearing someone blasting “Killing Moon” at a backyard party. I was 8 years old and the whole scene was magical: rust-colored leaves falling, the scent of fires lingering in the air, and the haunting melody of the song slinking its way through the trees.

4. Johnny Kidd “Shakin’ All Over”

“Shakin’ All Over” always brings back memories of a tavern in Saint James where I used to hang out, shooting pool and having drinks. I had a blast covering this tune with a local bar band I was part of called Cottonmouth back in ’98. Some solid times.

5. The Doors “Ghost Song”

This song always takes me back to cruising the backroads of where I grew up near the beach. Its atmosphere is so captivating, so dark and alluring. It also reminds me of a specific tour in January years ago, cruising through the New Mexico desert. The full moon illuminated the barren landscape with an eerie blue light.

6. Armando Trovajoli “Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera”

“The moon kept us company,” begins this song. It always triggers a flood of memories, taking me back to moments that feel both distant and close. Every time I hear it, I find myself intoxicated by its melody, lost in its nostalgic allure. It’s a reminder of the profound effect music can have, how it can heal and soothe even the deepest wounds. So, tonight, as this song plays, I find comfort in its sentiment.

7. Wanda Jackson “Funnel of Love”

To me, “Funnel of Love” embodies the perfect balance of witchiness and creepy surf-lounge seductiveness. The first time I heard this song, it put me in a trance, and to this day, it still has that effect.

8. Kip Tyler “She’s My Witch”

The mood of “She’s My Witch” feels like a secretive arrival, evoking the image of a coffin door slowly creaking open. Its dynamic shifts create a rich sonic atmosphere, making it a fast favorite.

9. Joe Bonamassa “Drive”

“Drive” embodies everything I adore in a great song: a compelling drum groove, well-chosen notes, and a straightforward vocal line. Its cinematic essence whisks you away to the desert, while the enchanting guitar work seamlessly ties it all together.

10. Townes Van Zandt “Black Widow Blues”

“Black Widow Blues” is simply an incredible song.

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