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Indie emo band BUG SEANCE tackle personal struggle with chronic depression and bipolar disorder in new single “Aardvark”

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Rolling out from Portland’s gritty streets, BUG SEANCE is dropping a raw slice of their soul with “Aardark“, a boh mellow and noisy whirlpool of feels and mental chaos, wrapped up in sounds that’ll grab you and not let go.

Straight from the heart and drums of Xochitl Vilorio, “Aardvark” kicks off with this kind of haunting vibe that’s like the calm before the storm, setting you up for a ride through the ups and downs of dealing with your own mind.

It’s like one minute you’re floating, and the next, you’re caught in a downpour of beats and riffs that feel like a manic burst of energy. But the real kicker? When it all slows down, and you’re just left there, kinda stunned, with the raw truth of fighting through another day.

BUG SEANCE, with their DIY badge pinned loud and proud, have been tearing up stages coast to coast, hanging with bands like ALGERNON CADWALLADER and SOFT KILL, all while keeping it fiercely indie. Their sound is an organic blend of post-hardcore, shoegaze vibes, and that intense rush you get from hardcore-adjacent tunes.

Recorded in the heart of Portland, their up-and-coming EP is a rollercoaster of sound, from the echoes of shoegaze to the scream-your-heart-out emo anthems, all layered with that glittery synth and gritty guitar that’ll make your soul vibrate. It hits deep, feels real, and doesn’t shy away from getting messy.

Bug Seance

Diving into everything from the loneliness of the midnight hour to the highs and lows of mental health, love, and the kind of friendships that feel like home, BUG SEANCE’s lyrics are a mirror to their world – honest, raw, and real.

Aardvark” is a shout into the void, a moment of pure release, and a beacon for anyone riding the same tumultuous waves.

With their eyes set on dropping the EP “I’m Right Here” come May 17th, “Aardvark” is a glimpse into their world, where the music does the talking, and every note is a story waiting to hit you right in the feels.


“What’s on your mind?”
feeling light
Under abandoned light
out to dry
Unwound and uptight
New strength to find

Finding “you” everywhere I see
Falls dying leaves
Springs something to leave
Can’t let things be

Oh the pull of it over and over

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