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Top 5 nu-metalcore bands you need to know, by SWARM6IX

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In conjunction with the release of their intense new single ’$OCIAL $UICIDE’, SWARM6IX joins us for a quick rundown of their top 5 nu metalcore acts worth a check this year!

SWARM6IX provide a safe space for those that have always appeared anti-social, dormant, and introverted on the surface. The band acquired their unique identity by combining a love for heavy trap and metal music and stand strongly for the freedom of expression within art.

“‘Social Suicide’ is our second instalment which should be a very relatable one.” – comments Ben Fordham. “This heavyweight track touches on intoxication in order to be sociable and the problems that can arise from it – people getting in to fights, hurling antagonistic verbal abuse, vomiting in the streets, passing out, making poor decisions they regret the next day and not knowing when to stop until it’s too late. It’s about the unsociable mess you can become from attempting to be sociable. If our first single “d0pamine” had you gripped then keep those crocs firmly on your feet, track 2 is a stagebreaker!”

SWARM6IX execute a sound somewhere between Ghostemane and Emmure, yet simultaneously evoke nostalgia and familiarity. Adding a sprinkle of modern nu-metal, SWARM6IX have their red beam set to storm the scene with everything they have in their artillery and will not be stopped.

The band will play Tech Fest later this year, having already played Collision Fest with bands such as Lake Malice and Graphic Nature. The band also tour the UK with Colosseums this June.

Asked for their recommended wild nu-metalcore offerings, SWARM6IX gave us their top 5 picks, along with a brief commentary per each selection.

Words by SWARM6IX:

DIAMOND CONSTRUCT are definitely a heavy hitter when talking about “Nu-metalcore”! Their track “Hit it back” in particular has great blends of hip hop style elements mixed with new school heavy guitar grooves! WE NEED MORE!

TEN 56 have combined heavy rage-full guitar chops with Manson style production which with its combined aggressive style works so well! Definitely a band to keep your eye on!

GRAPHIC NATURE have brought back that classic SLIPKNOT animalistic, tribal sound. Which for a lot of people will re-light the early nu-metal years.

CONFORM have such a nostalgic vocal style and is such a testament to 90s nu-metal! Check out their track “Terrorwave” immediately

ATTILA’s latest album is nu-metalcore to the bone and offers a really modern take on some classic early 2000s nu metal albums

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