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LIFE blends blackened hardcore, punk rock and screamo into a bleak, captivating new demo release on Zegema Beach Records

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Zegema Beach Records, the prominent screamo label, has just released LIFE’s ‘demo three’ 12โ€LP (ZBR325), a must-hear album that merges punk rock, screamo, black-metal, and post-hardcore, which has been the trademark of LIFE’s unique sound for several years now.

The band’s 2020 release ‘demo three’ has become a classic due to its captivating layers of cathartic, expansive, and emotionally charged emotive hardcore with strong nods to shoegaze and post-rock. The album is available on thick, glorious orange vinyl that weighs around 190 grams and is limited to only 250 copies. Given the album’s high demand, these records are not expected to last long, so secure your copy soon.

In Europe, the album is a co-release with Icorrupt Records and Voice Of The Unheard, while Larry Records has handled the release in the USA. The ‘demo three’ album contains four songs that are bound to enthrall fans of An Autumn For Crippled Children, Vi Som Alskade Varanda Sa Mycket, My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest, and AFI.

The LP is a testament to LIFE’s ability to break free from the limits of genre and create a sound that is entirely their own, paving the way for an ongoing era of boundary-breaking independent offerings. What a listen!

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