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Top 5 Scream-Style Singers of All Time

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Have you ever tried scream-singing like your favorite bands? Did you nearly destroy your voice? Yes, doing such a trick with your voice can be very dangerous, and many people find it hard to withstand the strain of scream-singing. You may hear different stories about singers losing their voices when trying to repeat the sounds made by the most talented people of all time. Don’t try it yourself because it would be hard to repair your voice and make it sound the same after damaging it. Nothing will be able to help to return it. No energy foods or special exercises would come in handy.

However, you can enjoy the voices of the best singers who practiced for a long time to produce the sounds which we find in many popular songs today. Their vocal cords can make such a unique sounding that hardly anybody would repeat them. How do they achieve such results? And what makes their voices so special that they become recognized and admired by millions of fans? The secret is in various techniques that singers use in their “aggressive” style of singing. Screams, growls, and false cords can be part of it which we hear in the songs. Whatever kind of technique the singer uses, we all have a chance to enjoy their fundamental performance on recordings in our music player.

Best Scream-Style Singers Who Impressed the World

Are you a big fan of horrifying screams in music that make the blood in your vein flow faster and the goosebumps never leave your skin? There are plenty of bands who practice this style in their works. However, only some of them become really recognizable and famous around the world. Let’s look through the five best scream-style singers who will never leave the top charts for the music and songs they performed.

1. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

Bennington is well-known for his brilliant performance in the Linkin Park band. He was one of the screamers who could hold the scream for a very long time which you can hear in the song “Given Up.” Chester had an ability to change into different kinds of voices and scream, mashing them together sometimes, which made a unique and recognizable style of his own. You will never confuse his voice with any other singer after hearing at least one song produced by Bennington.

2. Austin Carlile (Attack Attack! Of Mice & Men)

Can you believe that a musician with such a magnificent voice as Austin could ever stop his singing career and switch to baseball? Unfortunately, it happened to Carlile; however, his works are still appreciated by many fans. He deserves his spot in the top-five because his voice and the screams he makes when singing are incredibly charming. This vocalist of Attack Attack! and Of Mice & Men could impress the listeners with his lows and screams, even though he didn’t do much in the songs.

3. Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation)

Most of the screaming vocalists sound the same except for Travis. His voice is so versatile and changeable that you would find nobody who could easily repeat Ryan’s style with high melodic screams to low guttural singing. He is one of the most solid vocalists to date. He brings a fresh take to his works which makes Ryan’s style a unique and inimitable one.

4. Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria)

Have you ever heard the coolest lows produced by scream-style singers? Danny is the one who can easily demonstrate it at gigs or live shows. An English musician, singer, and songwriter, he is known as the lead vocalist of such rock bands as Asking Alexandria, and We Are Harlot. He is considered to be the best vocalist even by those who are not into this kind of music. He perfectly cleans, growls, and yells that nobody can resist it but wants to hear it again and again.

5. Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)

A founder of an apparel company Drop Dead Clothing, Oli Sykes is considered a master of a “yelling” voice in the Bring Me The Horizon band. His screams are so rich and varied that you can find nobody repeating how he includes them in the songs. He performs the screams in so many different ways that it became his recognizable image of all time. Nobody denies his talents, and today he is probably one of the most amazing scream-style singers on the list of the top five.

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