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The Greatest Mainstream Rock Concerts of the 21st Century

Rock is one of the most popular styles in music. The largest number of the most special events took place in different parts of the world at the end of the 20th century. There were a lot of great concerts that gathered millions of people in one place. They listened to popular hits and enjoyed the vibe with millions of other fans. However, the popularity of rock didn’t end when the 21st century came. Scroll down below and read about the most mind-blowing rock concerts of the 21st century.

Live 8 – Philadelphia

It was an amazing concert that took place in Philadelphia in 2005. It gathered roughly a million people who came to listen to their favorite music and support the event’s main goal. The concert aimed to collect donations for fighting famine in the poorest African countries. It was a successful project that helped to make the world better.

Meanwhile, it was an awesome event that helped a million people to enjoy the most famous rock hits. Kaiser Chiefs, Bon Jovi, and Linkin Park entertained the audience. Most people screamed and sang along with singers, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The Benjamin Franklin Parkway and all surrounding streets were full of crowds of people who stared at the stage and enjoyed the songs they all knew by heart. They created a lot of jams in the city. Also, it was a real nightmare for the organizers. However, they managed to establish an amazing event that stuck in the minds of those who were there forever.

The Rolling Stones – Copacabana Beach

It was one of the most remarkable concerts dropped by the band in Brazil. The event was free for all people. Consequently, it gathered over 1.5 million people. The concert took place on Copacabana Beach in 2006. Unfortunately, a lot of people couldn’t visit it, so the entire performance was recorded on tape and sold in one year. Consequently, students who are always bothered by the question, “Who can write an essay for me?” and other fans could enjoy the performance.

The day when the concert took place merely stopped the city. Most people headed to the beach to enjoy the performance. They were standing on the sand, streets, and even in the water. The weather was warm. However, both the performers and the audience brought real heat. Even though most fans gathered on the beach were not fluent in English, they sang together with the Stones. It was an amazing performance that is definitely worth watching if you missed it.

U2 Slane Castle 2001

It was an incredible concert that was performed twice during the summer 2001. Moreover, the band performed at the same place. However, it didn’t make it less popular. The entire concert was filmed. In one year, a movie about the event was released.

According to the reports, the second concert was scheduled when the ticket sale to the first one started. It was decided to make a second one to satisfy fans’ high demand who wanted to listen to their favorite music. On average, one concert gathered about 80 thousand people. Moreover, all the tickets were sold lightning fast, setting a new record in the ticket-sale speed.

Metallica in Antarctica

In 2013, Metallica performed an outstanding concert in Antarctica that helped them become a band that spread their music on seven continents. It was a very unusual and popular event. Unfortunately, there were not many people to enjoy the outstanding performance because it was extremely hard to reach the final destination. Consequently, Metallica performed for 120 scientists at Carlini Station.

They didn’t play a few songs to achieve the award. Instead, they made an all-around performance that was broadcasted. To not negatively affect the environment, all the scientists listened to the music in headphones. Despite the freezing cold, the performance was warm.

The show was called “Freeze ‘Em All.” It was performed in a temporarily constructed dome. When the photos from the performance spread all around the world, they became trendy jokes simultaneously. However, it didn’t make it less remarkable. Yet, it’s one of the greatest rock concerts thanks to its distinctive peculiarities and the considerable attention paid to the fragile environment.

The Greatest Mainstream Rock Concerts of the 21st Century
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