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Top 5 Texas Acts of Today, by chaotic mathcore act KONINGSOR

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Joining us today for this special rundown is the frenzied mathcore sensation KONINGSOR, who sat down with us to unravel a tale of triumph over tragedy, of resilience born out of loss, woven into the very fabric of their groundbreaking new EP “Death Process,” released by Silent Pendulum Records.

With their roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of the Austin music scene since 2016, Koningsor has navigated the turbulent waters of lineup changes, released three previous EPs, and honed their craft on stage alongside prominent bands like Norma Jean and Lorna Shore. But the making of “Death Process” tested the band to their limits.

Tragedy struck during the recording process when three band members, Andy Sadler, Josh, and Paul, lost their parents. Far from being a deterrent, this profound loss served as a crucible for their creative process, shaping their raw pain and myriad emotions into the heart of the new EP. This record stands as a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a homage to their departed loved ones.

Their earlier single for their newly released “Death Process” EP, the track called “Bile Ritual,” encapsulated the band’s signature chaotic mathcore style – a thrilling frenzy of double-bass drumming and nimble string manipulation, teetering on the edge of chaos and control. This sonic rollercoaster was a true embodiment of the band’s journey, deeply anchored by a potent metallic groove and underlying emotional resonance. And it did not disappoint, as the entirety of the EP possesses an exceptional allure, resonating with heavy brilliance. “Death Process” delivers a diversified journey in its six tracks and 21-minute runtime, outdoing its more abbreviated predecessor.

To celebrate the release of this maniac of an EP, we sat down with the band to appreciate their local scene and serve you some noteworthy Texas acts you should check out immediately.

Rickshaw Billies Burger Patrol (Austin, TX)

We cannot stress this enough, everyone needs to know about RBBP. It’s like ZZ Top had a baby with an 8-string guitar, and that baby was raised drinking the milk of 90’s grunge/metal and fed nothing but Ampeg SVT’s. The live sound is massive, they consistently crush shows night in and night out, they’re the sweetest dudes, and absolute workhorses. We fucking love Rickshaw Billies Burger Patrol. Look ’em up, you’re in for a treat.

Favorite song: Cincinnati Tilt (be careful if you listen while driving, it’ll make you speed)

Mothman (Austin, TX)

THEY”RE SO DAMN GOOD. Fast, aggressive, super talented song writers, and amazing musicianship all across the board. Seeing them live for the first time will leave your jaw on the floor, and it stays there for the fifth time, and the ninth time, every time. The drums are well thought out, the guitar and bass balance each other out expertly and push a humongous wall of sound. How the hell those guys can “sing” like they do and still play what they play at the level they, is fucking amazing.

Favorite song: Setting Sons

Know//Suffer (El Paso, TX)

Never have you seen anyone hit the drums as hard as Joseph James pounds his and I’ll die on this hill. You cant believe his speed, he’s unworldly powerful, and still insanely articulate. Thrashy, deathy, mathy, heavy as fuck, and like the talented musicians they are all their songs are masterfully crafted and executed. Huge huge huge fans of KS. Terrific fellas and some of our all time favorite humans! Go to a show, you will love it. (Silent Pendulum Records family too!)

Favorite song: A Great Dying

The God Awful Truth (Dallas, TX)

You know when you watch a band and you think “I wish I was in that band”… this is that. Pure grindy-panic and mathcore with all the right rough edges. If you’re into the math panic of late era Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Frontierer, or Sleepsculptor, this is 4000% for you. You’re going to get punched in the head at a TGAT show, and it’s worth every knuckle.

Favorite song: Married to the Worm

George Strait (GodKing of Texas)

This is where we’re supposed to say something like Pantera, Drowning Pool, or Butthole Surfers, but no. The Troubadour King of Texas himself wins the final slot in the list and a bigger yee-haw in our hearts.

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