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“God Won’t Forgive You” – Hardcore pack NO HOME drops new single

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“God Won’t Forgive You” the newest single from from Northwest Melodic Hardcore band NO HOME, has landed via Blood Blast Distribution. This heavy banger might appeal to followers of Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, and No Bragging Rights.

The single has been meticulously engineered, with vocals handled by Neil Engle and the instrumental elements – drums, guitar, and bass – taken care of by Delwrick Nanthou.

The final mix and mastering of the track have been polished off by Eric Gemme. Accompanying this release, Tim Burton has directed what promises to be a gripping visual representation, while Mason Pelton has contributed the artwork for the single.

Find it on your streaming service here.



Save your faith
There’s no use in the wake of disease
All is lost
On an ignorant waste of existence
Hell is yours
Inherit only dirt
You will burn
For the way you tried to take his life

There is no excuse for a putrid rat like you

no home BAND

Find no pleasure
May you only know pain
Find no pleasure
Nothing more than a f****** stain
Find no pleasure
Fill your lungs with formaldehyde
Find no pleasure
Let the maggots gnaw through your skin

There is no God that could ever save you.
You don’t mean s***.
You don’t mean s***.


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