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TORN SHORE streaming new album in full!

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TORN SHORE‘s second album “Lifeburner” (out on Instant Classic on September 18th). Recorded once again live with Haldor Grunberg from Satanic Audio, this amazing record brings you 11 new songs of chaotic riffing and sludgy heaviness reminescent of such household names as COMNVERGE, BAPTISTS and TRAP THEM.

GO HERE to read my interview with the band, telling the story of their debut album.





bite a piece of mine
sour blood in my blue veins and
place yourself inside
liberate your conscience

crush your fingers at the door
maybe you got noticed
talk shit
brainwashed everyday
you may even fly reversed
and face stoned
but noone looks at the sky
not even me

pointless this relation
’cause you never felt..
me and the black stars
over our heads

bite a piece of mine
sour blood in my blue veins and
place yourself inside
liberate your conscience

black moth!


paint the front door black
and get trapped behind it
unknown sounds
listening the while

deaf and mute with no face
make your throes to the nature
fall asleep
with no dreams

the die is cast
it has etched your seed
to bring that black cloud
shadow upon you

shadow upon you

red eyes and shivers


hope still makes me smile, I am tied..down
with our masks of pleasure

welcome to the dawn of the Seven Seas,
prepare yourself
to the end of each of us

black shadows
they are watching us
rush of blood
soul collapsing

like the sparrows in the cage, terrified and trapped
release ourselves

soul collapsing
rush of blood


sailing through storms
waves of relief
quiet in my eyes
the days had grew
the plague is far from me

as day call came night
dry sea appereas

no worth to be
to endure
standing so close to the shadows


crumble all alone at night
shattering fury
beyond thinking and time
shall meet the glory

your crown falls

midnight sorrows
loose your spirit in flame
would you give up?
whispering still your name

how simple the crown falls

how simple the crown falls
have you ever cried your innocence
straighten upon a shore
leave you simply nothing


Decades of our life were bound
in places with our tribe

so bored, making shapes

of someone’s broken mind
the past won’t longer occur

will not

Faults and fails – forgotten
but our souls were poluted
and will never
get clean

All the things must pass
as slaves in the shade
invisible stitches
turn into air
(turn into air)


turn on your back(light ) at me

sacrifice left
I never felt ashamed of it
fuckers don’t play like that
I care about the things you failed

opposed to my needs
quitting all the thoughts in me
I could see through you
but I never wanted to see your…

you have got me waiting for a backlight…

naked and disgraced
floating on my chords, within
fuckers don’t play like that
choke with the smell you made

drown in the words, drown…


Left a mesage to this planet
with his tortured lambs
you are sacrified
inquire the truth

Left a message to this planet
with a sting in your heart
ring the bell
if it is still loud

Pray and surrender
nowhere is a place to be
should we burn your letters
and try to live

Blame the teachers
a thousand times
till you witness and gain
your own strenght

Pray and surrender
/if you want to sinn
/there is no place to be
it will bind you (over again)

(departed all alone)


Fall down
far brighter
than a lost soul

absorb rage
and wrong patience
erase your faults

false as truth
defeat of victory
alone in the dark

turn aside
in your own recess
hide in the dark corner

we are so easily burned
with no sens at all
remove the awareness
remove it all


the worse the corpse – on me


our crows have been awaken
feed them stones
water blood, breathless…

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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