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TORCH THE HIVE discuss a concept of useless person ‘deku’, addresses grappling with depression, suicide

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Though emerging from a well balanced indie rock territory, Torch the Hive’s music is a blend of biting lyrics, politically charged messages, and raw, unbridled energy that stems from a system that’s been broken for far too long. Founded in 2017 by Mike Fruel, Tyler Sanders, and Sergio Apanco, the band’s first two releases delve into the struggles of growing up, financial hardships, and navigating a world that’s been divided by politics.

After funding their own tours throughout the United States, Torch the Hive released the single “Shame on You” as a direct response to the state of the country in 2020. With their music now focused on political themes, they’re about to drop their latest offering, “Flamingo,” which retains the same pointed ferocity that has been their hallmark.


But there’s a twist to their new music, as they’ve begun to incorporate more experimental sounds and instrumentation, allowing them to explore new sonic territory while staying true to their roots. As Torch the Hive continues to evolve, one thing is certain – their music will always be a force to be reckoned with.

The band has recently released their newest single ‘Deku‘, with lyrics characterized by a degree of ambiguity, yet remaining focused on the prevalent themes of despair and self-harm.

“As a kid, I remember buying CDs and opening the booklet to sometimes find commentary from the band on what the song means to them and the context behind the lyrics.” – comments vocalist Mike. “This is something that I have always wanted to do with our music but never got the chance to. Suicide is a topic that has been covered time and time again in musical format, but I feel that it is not represented enough in mainstream and popular music.”

We caught up with the band to give us some more details on what the song is about and commentary for each line of the lyrics.

The word ‘deku’ is a Japanese word that refers to a wooden doll or puppet with no limbs. This term can be used as an insult to imply someone is as useless as a “limbless wooden doll”.

“Our song ‘deku‘ tells the story of someone who has exhausted all of their options after a long bout of depression to the point where they view themselves as a ‘deku‘, a useless person.” – comments the band.

Torch the Hive by by Jon Ramirez
Torch the Hive by by Jon Ramirez

“I don’t know a single person who has NOT been impacted by suicide or depression; whether it be directly or indirectly.” – adds Mike.

“While the inspiration for this song transpired from my own experience, it is not exclusive to that circumstance. I hope someone who is struggling can somewhat resonate with the context of this song. I feel that it’s important for people to know that they are not alone in experiencing these thoughts and that suicidal ideation in itself is completely normal and it’s how we tackle these feelings that matter.

Lyrics lin-by-line commentary:

Just make it go away
I don’t want to feel constrained
I swear I’m not insane
These thoughts I can’t explain

Mike Fruel: Have you ever had an intrusive thought that you know is fucked up but you simply can’t get it out of your head? When we become depressed, we may have difficulty in making decisions or concentrating. Some of us may feel boxed in, like there’s no escape.


Cut me loose, then hold me up
Twist the knife up in my guts

MF: “Cut me loose” refers to someone giving in to these intrusive thoughts. “Hold me up” refers to their loved ones making the effort to make sure they’re okay.
“Twist the knife…” is the guilt that comes along with feeling this way and the worry that they have caused to the people that love them.

Pull the plug so I cant breathe
Set me free, this isn’t me

MF: “Set me free, this isn’t me” No one is born depressed or suicidal. It comes from the product of the hand that they’ve been dealt.

The sun blacks out my eyes
It sets then turns to night

MF: Science suggests that the world actually does look grayer when we become depressed, at least subconsciously. “It sets then turns to night” Sometimes we lose track of time when we become fixated on our struggles. “I’ve sat on the couch for 16 hours today not doing shit, and now its night time” is something I can personally say that I’ve experienced.
I toss and turn then fight
The urge to black the light
MF: The character in the song is struggling with their urge to end it all; it’s keeping them up at night and they’re losing sleep over it.

Cut me loose, then hold me up
Twist the knife up in my guts
Pull the plug so I cant breathe
Set me free, this isn’t mes

MF: Fun tidbit; I actually wrote this chorus 3 years ago for another song that we never ended up recording (because it sucked). It sounded like if ‘Beverly Hills’ by Weezer and ‘I Miss You’ by blink-182 had a lovechild to create the most generic and corporate mid-2000s pop-punk song ever. I think this chorus has found it’s home in ‘deku’ and it lives here nicely.

Dine alone
Wasting time
Patiently say goodbye

MF: These last lines are simple and open to the listeners’ interpretation. For me, “Dine alone” means ‘dinner for one’-the buffet of self-healing is presented with either fried foods or fruit; eat your fruit, it’s good for you.

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