TOUCHE AMORE frontman talks about record stores and vinyls

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TOUCHE AMORE frontman Jeremy Bolm recently posted a Q&A about his favorite places to buy records and vinyl.

1) First record you bought?

The band FAR has been an all time favorite since the mid to late 90’s. I have a habit of needing to collect any and all things of bands that I admire. So when I was 14 or so I delved deep into the bands history and found out that Shaun Lopez (their guitar player, now plays in the band +++Crosses) sang in a straight edge hardcore band called INNER STRENGTH. The record is titled “Time For Reality”. The only thing they released was a 7”. I tracked it down. Funny side note is that the INNER STRENGTH 7” is Victory Records very first release VR001. Followed by a FAR/Incubus split 7”s.

2) Favourite place to buy records?

I have multiple favorite record stores across the world now. I’ll name five to spread it apart.

A) Amoeba Music – Los Angeles, CA. It’s the biggest record store in Southern California, where I reside. I go there multiple times a week to clear my head by digging and also to see some friends who work there. It’s the sole reason I have the collection I have. The gems that have come out of that place for little to no money are uncountable. Forever emotionally in dept to that store.

B) Celebrated Summer – Baltimore, MD – Whenever we play Baltimore, I demand I stop by here. It’s located in the back of a comic shop. It’s a small room but full of everything I want to search through and for very reasonable prices.

C) Bis Aufs Messer – Berlin, Germany – This store is owned by Robert from the band ZANN. It’s got a wide selection of punk/hardcore/screamo/thrash/metal/indie/experiment music. They also have a great selection of cassette tapes and books. Robert is just about the coolest dude in Europe as well. If you travel to Berlin, this place is a must!

D) Academy Record Annex – Brooklyn, NY – This store fucking rules. Tons of 7” boxes to go through. Rows of LPs as well. Wide selection of punk and indie amongst other genres.

E) Hits and Misses – Toronto, Canada – Owned by the guy who started Singles Going Steady in Seattle, WA (of the movie EDGE OF QUARREL fame). Just a great punk record store. Everything you’re looking for with totally reasonable prices.

Photo by Manny Mares.


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