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TOUCHE AMORE interviewed by Alter The Press

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Alter The Press conducted an interview with Jeremy Bolm from TOUCHE AMORE.

You played one of the American Nightmare reunion shows in December. What did it mean to you to be asked to play that?

Jeremy Bolm (vocals): It was a big deal. I kicked and screamed to try to get on that show from the moment I heard about it! Luckily we have the same booking guys who handled that, so we had a bit of a foot-in, but the band had to approve us and the fact that they did got me super excited. American Nightmare were one of the first big influences we had when Touché Amoré started. At our first show we played an American Nightmare cover. We’ve only ever done a cover once, and it was then and we covered ‘Hearts’. So it was like a cool full-circle thing. I’d never met Wes before and he was this really sweetheart guy. I didn’t know what to expect because he’s kind of an intimidating dude, but he was incredibly nice and it was a great experience. They were fucking awesome. They were so good. Obviously you sometimes wonder when stuff like that happens if they’ll have the same energy, but I feel like they had even more energy. I was lucky enough to see them maybe five times before they broke up and Wes always has this unbridled amount of wild energy – just like running over people and swinging his arms and hitting things and it was just the same again. He didn’t miss a step. If anything he was even more crazy. I feel like he had this built-up energy from not being involved in hardcore for a long time, and also with doing the Cold Cave thing he has to hold back, so I feel like those two shows were just an outlet for him to lose his mind. It was great.

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Photo by Blow The Scene.

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