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To Live A Lie Records’ Will Butler interviewed by M3 Event

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M3 Event sat down with Will Butler from To Live A Lie Records, an independent label specialising in hardcore, grindcore, powerviolence, and fastcore.

First of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself, and what it is that you do?
My name is Will Butler. The main musical thing I do is To Live A Lie Records. I also dabble around in bands from time to time, I am super lucky and have a seat in the ranks of NoComply who have been an active and awesome powerviolence band since the 90′s. I have a noise/grind project called Don Garnelli which used to be a one-man bass/guitar/sequenced drums/noise disaster which has recently branched out and included additional members. I do a few ‘zines too, notably one called Fastcore Photos which features pictures I’ve taken at shows and the other called Don’t Be Swindle which is more of a fastcore fanzine. By day I am a mild-mannered IT guy saving the world from evil and confusing technology.

What inspired you to start To Live A Lie Records? What is your own musical background?
My early years consisted of heaps of punk and industrial music, from Minor Threat to Skinny Puppy. Around the turn of the century I was in a high school street punk band playing bass sloppily. Since my own musical talent falls short, my main outlet for my love of music is the record label. It is a labor of love and the specific genres have been ones that I have searched out and I found music where everything I desired sort of smashed into itself. I love powerviolence and grindcore to death and huge aspects of both genres are how they are DIY and accessible, how they promote politically correct and politically motivated ideas (veganism, feminism, etc), and ultimately the people involved in the music are like-minded and nice altruistic people who I respect and can identify with!

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