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TOUCHE AMORE interviewed by Thrash Hits

Jeremy Bolm of TOUCHE AMORE talked to Thrash Hits about oversharing, Leonard Cohen, and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE show.

Lyrically, you’re incredibly personal, almost to the extent where you make yourself quite vulnerable. Was it hard to get to the stage where you could be so candid?

Most of the songs on the demo are really not personal. They’re just angsty stupid songs that I had no real attachment to. I didn’t think anybody would ever hear our band outside our group of friends. Somehow we’ve lucked out, and so when it came time to write our first record, it was like: “If I’m going to hold a microphone and yell into it and people are going to actually listen, I’m not going to rob them of anything. I’m going to be as honest and direct as possible”.

I’m typically a pretty introverted person in the sense of keeping things to myself, so the band is what keeps me able to express all that stuff. It’s really easy for me to get all that stuff out, as opposed to actually talking about it with normal people. That’s always been a relationship problem, for example. With people I’ve been involved with, they don’t get the most excited about the fact that I keep a lot of stuff in. But when it comes to performing, that’s a whole other thing for me.

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Photo by Brian Kelleher.

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