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THE GREAT UNWASHED interviewed by AMP Magazine

AMP Magazine conducted an interview with Duane Peters (U.S. BOMBS) & Greg Kuehn (TSOL) from THE GREAT UNWASHED.

Why is it every time I interview Duane Peters the conversation ends with a variation of this similar theme of “My hat’s off to you if you can piece this together!,” the latest being, “You’re going to have fun editing this!”? It’s because he’s honest, truthful in his discussions, doesn’t hold anything back. And I appreciate that, in a world where so many people try to come off in some way or another, contrived. One thing I particularly love about his candor is that you can always hear about how excited he is about his bands and records. For instance, this particular time, just by talking to these two men, Duane and maestro instrumentalist Greg Kuehn, I can really feel their enthusiasm and respect for one another. I can’t think of another interview I’ve conducted where it was so profound! These guys obviously have been in the scene for a long time – Greg most notably with TSOL (he also scores films) and Duane with his many punk-rock incarnations, U.S. BOMBS, DIE HUNNS, THE GUNFIGHT, EXPLODING FUCK DOLLS – well, now the two men have teamed up for DUANE PETERS AND THE GREAT UNWASHED, a sort of gritty punk cabaret-Tom Waits-ish style project, and in early April are releasing their debut record on Black Vinyl Limited.

Read the interview here.

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