Toxicbreed’s Funhouse’s “Casa de Diversion, Vol. 3” compilation

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Toxicbreed’s Funhouse‘s “Casa de Diversion, Vol. 3” compilation will be released in July 2012.

Here’s the track listing for the release:
1. Intro (Composed by Spencer Hazard/Full Of Hell) (Exclusive)
2. ACxDC
3. Ancient Shores (New/Unreleased)
4. Anti-Venom (New/Unreleased)
5. Badblood (New/Exclusive)
6. Benchpress (New/Unreleased)
7. Black Ice
8. Bottomfeeder (New/Unreleased)
9. Breaking Ground (New/Unreleased)
10. Burn Your Life Down (New/Exclusive)
11. Canyons (New/Unreleased)
12. Carrying The Fire (New/Unreleased)
13. Colony (New/Unreleased)
14. Cynarae (New/Unreleased)
15. Discourse
16. Disgrace (New/Unreleased)
17. End Times (New/Exclusive)
18. Empire Of Rats (New/Unreleased)
19. Fever Dreams
20. Harness (New/Unreleased)
21. Hollow Earth
22. Holy Night (New/Unreleased)
23. Illustrations (New/Unreleased)
24. Just Die (New/Unreleased)
25. Like Rats
26. Malice (New/Exclusive)
27. Paper Trail
28. Plead The Fifth (New/Exclusive)
29. Renouncer (New/Exclusive)
30. Revenge
31. Ruckus
32. Skinfather (New/Unreleased)
33. Snakes (New/Unreleased)
34. Spine (New/Unreleased)
35. The Banner (New/Unreleased)
36. Devolution (Turning Over) (New/Exclusive)
37. Withdrawal (New/Unreleased)
38. Young And In The Way (New/Unreleased)


Stream the previous parts below:

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