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TRACES OF YOU feat. NO TURNING BACK – new song premiered!

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TRACES OF YOU have teamed up with Martijn from NO TURNING BACK for an amazing, powerful track called “Ressurect”, off TRACES OF YOU’s new album “Bleed The Truth”.

traces of you


Everything is decided today
Our greatest challenge
Resurrect or give in?
Cut the rope of defeat

We are in hell – get ahead!
Fight to shine in the darkness
Climb walls of embers
Watch us rise from the ashes

It can be the end of our downfall
Out of the orbit of errors
We thirst for life and revenge
Our node does not yield

Break this stasis – get ahead!
We’re here – we’re built to last
I’ll keep in mind the lesson
We’ll loose what we don’t deeply love

This is hell!
We can stay here and take slaps
Or find our way to react

This is hell!
What really counts now we must defend
Resurrect or this numbness will corrode everything

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