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TRACES OF YOU share new track!

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TRACES OF YOU have released a new track called “Separation”, the first single from their new 7” split with RUN LIKE HELL, out on Smithsfoodgroup DIY label. Listen and see the lyrics below.


The dark nights of the soul
heart and mind in conflict ’cause my incompleteness
I’ve got no love for myself, I’ve got no love for you
Everything seems damned worthless

Illusion’s burning my mind
Complexities of this life
Despite my efforts towards perfection
I feel a void in my heart
Our separation

Need to remove my self-inflicted thorns
I want to be better ’cause You’re there to love
Days pass distracted,
Upwind but searching for something more

Delusion’s burning my mind
Frustrations of this life
Despite my efforts towards perfection
I need You to keep me warm
in separation

I curse all the time without You

The soul of the soulless

Dig for real answers
till my hands bleed
I’ve had enough of the nothingness
of this ignorant hell

Rise above duality
seeing You in everything

Your love broke the mold of my mind
and gave a sense to this life
Although I must earn my salvation
I’ve learned to love You in separation

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