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TRACES OF YOU stream new track!

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TRACES OF YOU are streaming “Spiral”, a new track off their new album “Bleed The Truth”, out in November via Value Driven Records (digital), in December via Destroy Your World Inc. (LP) and One Voice Asia Records (CD).

traces of you1


In my mind I hibernated
Golden dreams of youth
Nothing changed, I’m still the same, I always walk my line
Never wanted antagonism, competition and rivalry
I strive to find myself and try to never break my integrity
I can’t let you tear me down

In your vile malicious spiral
No dignity in your dire disgrace
We saw your falsity descending to defy you
It’s time to see what you deserve

I don’t know in what you invest your life
Mine’s dedicated to the effort to improve
Searching for moments of truth, care and loyalty
Will you find comfort in the life you betrayed?

In your vile malicious spiral
No dignity in your dire disgrace
And when your masks will fall down
You’ll know only attitude counts

I’ve no rivals
I rise above what they wanna become

We see you living everything like a passing phase
Subjected to your mood swings
With no ideals to share
Every bond is a farce

You decry others to feel yourself better and stronger
Hurting with your poor criticism to validate yourself
You use someone’s weakness as your power
Your ridiculous game seems never end
You’re hidden beneath your boldest armor
But you’re so inconsistent inside
Maybe you can’t see the best version of yourself
Lost in the maze of what you lack
That’s why you attack!

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