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THE TRACYS blend modern pop punk energy with old-school punk with “People Scare Me”

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NYC’s The Deli Magazine previously described NYC punk rock act THE TRACYS as “Blistering old school punk rock outfit The Tracys are as clear an 80’s punk revival as it gets”, and it’s hard to argue with that. “People Scare Me”, the band’s new single and music video, comes as the first single off their upcoming album Humdinger, scheduled for release on March 23, and we were given an exclusive look at the music video! With catchy hooks and some old school shreddage, and lots of recognizable NYC subway spots, it’s exactly what you need to overcome early week blues. Directed, filmed, and edited by Benoit Gabriel, the video is available above.

Here’s what THE TRACYS had to say about the track and the video:

People Scare Me is a humorous jaunt into the feeling of alienation derived both by the day to day struggle of living in a city that has largely given away its creative, cultural heritage in favor of impossible real estate values and self important millionaires and living in a world, controlled by social media that celebrates and rewards Tide Pod eaters and elects narcissistic half-wits to the highest office in the land.

The video for People Scare Me was conceived and directed by Benoit Gabriel and shot entirely on location at drummer, Matt Ernst’s home in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, the NYC subway system and at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn – one of the last great punk rock venues in NYC, slated to be demolished at the end of the year. It features Matt’s son, Jonah, an amature boxer, as an alienated and possibly deranged young man, stalking the band and perhaps being stalked(by Matt) – or is that all in his mind?

THE TRACYS live by Joe Bottari

The record release show for “Humdinger” takes place on March 23rd at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn, New York. Go HERE to get more details and RSVP.

From the rancid shores of Brooklyn’s Gowanus canal rose a quartet of punk rockers called The Tracys. Raised on 80’s punk with a side of maple syrup, Alberta native Dave Klym (The Mike Plume Band, The Populars, Itch) is the driving force behind the band’s monster hooks and blazing solos. On rhythm guitar, John Payne (Puppetbox) has been known to contribute harmonies as silky as his well-coiffed hair. Larry Mancini holds down the fort on the bass guitar with a little bit of whimsy, and a belly full of pizza. Anchoring this operation is drummer Matt Ernst, whose thunderous beats form the foundation for the group’s aggressive style.

With infectious melodies and gallows humor, The Tracys’ brand of pop punk holds true to the sensibilities of old-school west coast punk. With the release of their third record, Humdinger, The Tracys continue to hone their signature sound, taking aim at what ails us with a double barreled blast of music and mayhem.

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