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Introducing: new Bristol based anarchist screamo duo PUNCH ON!

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PUNCH ON!, a new screamo / post hardcore 2-piece from Bristol, UK are releasing their debut album titled “I Have No History But The Length Of Our Bones” on March 17th via Callous Records, and they’ve been so kind as to stream their debut double track “Owed Nothing / Expect Nothing” in advance right here on IDIOTEQ!

Stylistically, PUNCH ON! (members of Springbreak, the Wine Mums, and Weeping, whom we interviewed last year) incorporates chaotic rhythms, melodic guitar work, and some ambient sections into their gritty sound, similar to Loma Prieta, Ostraca, Battle of Wolf 359 etc… Their debut tracks are a welcome and fitting addition to this year’s catalogue of screamy, emotive hardcore offerings and teases a great records with sprinkles of imaginative songwriting. And all of this with “no gods, no masters, no metronomes, and no bassists” :) Listen for yourself!

PUNCH ON! commented:

The first song stands as a reflection on Punk Rock, and how I feel closer to it’s anarchist principles as I age; it’s about understanding the principle that life owes you so little, but that if you have the resources, you can build amazing things.

The latter documents a time in my life, where I’d found myself in a period of heightened anxiety, and was looking for coping mechanisms. I discovered meditation and mindful practice. I realised that my anxiety was based on constant expectations, and attachment to outcomes, rather than having my life be a reflection of things happening, without unnecessary emotions attached to them.

These songs are documents on anarchism, on autonomy, and on punk-rock.


Owed Nothing: Split-haired, and thumb-fumbling through falling words, to find a fleeting olive branch. On Sunday when Satan came, I didn’t hear your name. To cry forth from empty hands is to overestimate what you’re owed to hold. Stand still, zero-lined. We collectivise and create to build our best selves, to self govern.

Expect Nothing: I expect nothing, but that’s just too much. Wise words uttering “autonomy is expectation-less”. I expect nothing, but that’s just enough. To be so separated from the strings that burn, is to surpass an ocean in one bound. Separating from “should” leaves only “now”. I just ceased the tide, be mindful.



Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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