TREACHEROUSKIN: everything you need to get your head banging away

Southern California’s TREACHEROUSKIN bring s a heavy metallic hardcore with violent rhythms that can’t be stopped too easily. After releasing 2 EPs and a split with NOMADS, they are ready to unveil more new shredding tunes via Mind Melt Enterprises. Check out my short chat with the band that serves a brief update on what’s up on their SoCal end. Definitely worth checking out.

Welcome, guys! To start off, please tell us what is it that you have decided to let us stream right here?

We thought itd be cool to have our Next Release showcased to a diff scene of music.., and also because your reviews are sick of coarse.. and it seems you appeal to all different types of music than rather just ONE genre, and thats really cool..

Yup. You have released a well-received split with NOMADS (Melotov Records), “Altar Of The Beast” EP (2012) and your 2013 EP “Smother Earth” (Mind Melt Enterprises). Where do these new tracks fit in? Tell me more about the new tape.

Well with Altar Of The Beast being written within like two practices an a few of those songs being extensions towards the split, I feel that Smother Earth and this new tape are just the bridge were crossing to really develop our sound I feel that Altar Of The Beast and some of Smother Earth was just barbaric metal or hardcore, I feel this new stuff is alot more developed and we took more time to write these two songs that are going to be on the tape, I don’t know what to call it, is say wait and see :) if u like metal or hardcore regardless I hope people will love this tape!

Who will be taking care of the distribution for the new outing?

Mind Melt.

Haha, straight up! Thought there are more labels involved this time.

What about the compilation you mentioned on your facebook profile? Tell me more about this outing.

We got asked by Hardcore Collective to be on the next comp as well as Hardcore WorldWide, were stoked… We are still a very new band being asked to be on compilations is exciting (I’ll get u the links).

Nice. Both sites are pretty awesome. Can’t wait to check it out.

Still a new band, but what heritage have you left so far? What other bands have you played in?

I play drums in a band called SLEEPWALKERS, Cayle plays in DOWNPRESSER, and Chris and Cayle are in another band called CRUCIAL.

Cool. You guys had a busy weekend with three of your bands performing live at this year’s So Cal Slam fest, huh? :) How was it?

Also, what shows do you have lined for the coming months?

The Fest was awesome, all the bands played really well, we played day 1. And it was so cool seeing the reaction we got…

As far as shows I’m not to sure what we have coming, we have a show June 21st and thats about it…

Speaking of all of your bands, are you planning to support them with any touring across Europe?

Do you get a lot of support from the Old Continent? Is Europe pretty enthused about TREACHEROUSKIN?

As far as going to Europe, if we were ever presented with that opportunity, I’m sure wed take it. but who wouldn’t right ?

Support wise I’m not sure were still a new band… but from the videos I see on the TUBE it goes off in Europe and we would love to go one day..

Yeah, man.  So for what it’s worth, I think you are succeeding in gaining more and more supporters.

What would you say about the European hardcore scene? What’s your first association with? Any favorite bands from my continental neighborhood? :)

The European scene seems to dish out consistant bangers of bands haha new and old. definit metal pops in my head when i think of euro music… from the hardcore bands TRUE COLORS, JUSTICE… to the sweet metal bands that everyone loves .. From ENTOMBED to the almighty IRON MAIDEN….

Ok… so what were some of the reasons you took this metallic hardcore path? Is it a result of this new trend emerging soo many crossover bands, or have you always dreamt about playing in the vein of this sweet fusion? Don’t get me wrong with the trend thing.. I recently get the impression that there is serious revival of decent bands in the vein of 80s/90s metal and 90s hardcore. And I love it, by the way :)

For me one of the reasons I chose to wanna be in a band with a more metal influence was just cuz it seems to me its just way more exciting … to me anyways its like having a pizza with all your fav toppings.. and not just ONE fav topping… it has everything u need to get your head banging away.. haha … but to answer your question yeah I’ve always wanted to be in a band that was “cosidered” metal, haha so thank you. haha!

So gimme five or ten albums you would take to a deserted island (providing there’s electricity ;))? It should define your musical foundations quite well :)

Few albums, DEMOLITION HAMMER (Epidemic of Violence), CROMAGSNUCLEAR ASSAULT,..CULT OF LUNA (Savation+Vertikal) and a band called ATTOMICA & SEPULTURA.

What newer bands, collectives or individuals have been influential to you?

There is this band called FUELED BY FIRE… they arent very new but they are a newer group of young guys playin some legit ass thrash metal… been listening to them for a couple of years now and man they shred so hard… check them out… THE DISGRACE stuff is awesome… anything those guys put out is very unique and will make your head fall off.


Do you read or write zines? Any new Californian pieces you’d like to recommend?

“Touch and Go” Zine is pretty cool… earlier retrospect but its really awesome.

Ok… let’s go back to the new stuff for a while.

Lyrically, what subjects you tackle on this new undefined release? :) 

Bluntly the songs are about shitty people that’s it.

Ok.. so, summing it up, what can we expect from TREACHEROUSKIN in the nearest future?

TREACHEROUSKIN is putting a tape out on MindMelt records…also a new ep in about 6 months that are we gonna be recording in the next month or so…We are trying to hopefully figure out a tour in the works for the next few months as well.

Thanks for your time! Any last words, shout outs?


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