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Tricky performs live with singer Marta Złakowska – new album from Marta & Tricky coming up

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The trip-hop legend Tricky, accompanied by singer Marta Złakowska, has visited Ground Control venue in Paris, to dive into the depths of his trip-hop universe. In the new video from arte concert, Tricky, a pioneer of the trip-hop movement and a close collaborator of the legendary Massive Attack, is joined by Marta, a Polish-born singer and Tricky’s steadfast sidekick during his live performances. The video also features an interesting interview with Tricky, toching on his approach to creating, being jealous, writing lyrical content, Jamaica, comparison to Miles Davis, and more. Joining him in the interview is Marta, who discussed how they met and their new album “”When It’s Going Wrong” (detailed below).

Fans of Tricky are familiar with Marta’s voice, which can be heard on many tracks from the albums “Fall to Pieces” and “Lonely Guest.” This successful collaboration was born out of a stroke of bad luck: during the first date of a European tour, Tricky found himself without a backing singer. Marta stepped in at the last minute and saved the concert.

The two collaborators will fill Ground Control with their trip-hop sounds, combining iconic tracks with sounds from their respective recent and upcoming projects. They aim to transport Chassol and the audience into an intoxicating, ghostly atmosphere and we must say they certainly succeeded.

The concert was filmed on January 16, 2023 at Ground Control in Paris.

TRICKY by Erik Weiss
TRICKY by Erik Weiss


  1. You don’t wanna
  2. I’m not going
  3. Interview
  4. New stole
  5. Moving through water
  6. Interview
  7. Move me
  8. Breathe me right in
  9. Here my dear
  10. Interview
  11. Lucien
  12. When it’s going wrong
  13. Interview
  14. Vent

Marta Złakowska is a Polish vocalist who started her career when she accidentally met visionary musician and troublemaker Tricky in November 2017. Within six years of joining the band, she went on concert tours, and later worked diligently in the studio on new recordings until she completed “When It’s Going Wrong” – her debut album (produced by Tricky). During lonely train journeys between her home in Krakow and the studio in Berlin, Marta realized that her dream was finally turning into reality as the album was soon to be released.

“Marta can do whatever she wants now. She has fans before she has any releases of her own.” Tricky

“When It’s Going Wrong” is the sound of an emerging artist who not only finds her creative voice but also her inner strength; a journey through doubt, difficulty, and uncertainty – whatever takes us to the other side. Marta remembers the moment when Tricky turned to her in the studio and quietly said, “You don’t create music, music creates you.”

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