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TRIPSITTER – “Colorblind” video


I’m lost, I feel empty, what I need is to wake up
With faith, buried in me, buried inside of my heart,
I’ve lost it all because,
“Believe in love and hope” is everything what we always pray
But is it love that makes us fight;
Is it hope, which robs us the light?
I admire those who fight,
For a better world, a better place to die.

Is this everything we need to be fine?
Our hearts are cold, even if we don’t freeze.
In the distance are colors that we don’t perceive,
Correct me, but even if we open our eyes,
We are blind as we never should be.

I can see our selfish faces, what I need is to wake up
I am lost.
This is a nightmare, it could not be worse

Because, we are liars,
We pray for hope and love every day.
We are liars
Now I have fear, now I slip away, now I disappear
When it is love that makes us fight?
Why is it hope that still let me see the sun?

I think I see the light, the only thing is,
I wonder what has become of me.
That is what makes me see,
And this is the reason why I ask myself

Is it love that makes me fight?
Is it hope against the light?
Now I believe,
In the distance there are colors I don’t perceive,
Correct me, but even if I open my eyes,
I am blind as I never, never should be.

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