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TRIPSITTER: ‘Perspectives’ Studio Playthrough Video premiere!

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One week after the “Decampment” EP release show in Innsbruck, Austrian modern / melodic hatdcore band TRIPSITTER are teaming up with me to give you the exclusive premiere of their studio playthrough video for their track “Perspectives”! This first video they share with us, is something really unusual for a single track. The guys – instead of putting out there a normal videoclip to collect visualization on youtube – wanted something more authentic, which could tell the special story behind the production of this EP and this song in particular. The Video was shot and edited by Antonio Arico @ Kreative Klan Studio.

TRIPSITTER just released their debut EP right now and booking a full European tour this spring. Here’s the official word from the band:

This is TripSitter from Innsbruck (actually from Navis in Tyrol but it is better to say Innsbruck…).
Our debut EP ‘Decampment’ just came out under Kreative Klan, a label and a clothing company which came to one of our gigs, a few months ago, and decided to produce our record. We do melodic hardcore – we guess – and we are so proud to share a few shots of our studio effort @ Kreative Klan Studio, with Salvatore Arico and Mirko Nosari.

It happened last summer. We took the car by night and drove to Verona, to record this Ep. It was a full week. We had 5 songs ready: some of them got their final shape in studio. We recorded all the drums (in 2 days!! Alex did it!!), the guitars, the bass lines, we waited for everything to be reamped to get to the vocals. Our singer Meindl, put himself in front of the microphone for 2 days straight, and after that we started discussing some mix choices. The final master was delivered to us a few months later, after some remote back and forth of these 5 tracks…

Our label says the result is […] a mixture of melodies and anger… The drums are asymmetric, and vocals and backings are passionate. Half of the work is made by amazing guitar lines: the melodies kept following one another, adding music content to the whole thing, without ever getting messy. […] We don’t know about that, but we are so happy to have this record finally out. After this play-through, we will release a proper videoclip we shot during the summer as well.

Most important the plan is to leave for a European tour. First we will hit Eastern Europe, Slovenia and Slovakia… and then we’ll see. At this point, with the music we are playing, if some people start believing in what you do, even if it’s just hundreds of them, it is worth to keep doing it.

TripSItter KKStudio


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