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TWIN RED – “Distance” video

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Right in time for their tour in October, German 90s alt rock act TWIN RED release a brand new music video for “Distance” from their second full length “Please Interrupt”, released last May on Evil Greed label. Watch and listen to the full record below. Scroll down to see their upcoming dates.

While none of their tricks may be new, the execution of their version of 90s inspired alt rock means that TWIN RED feels really fresh. Don’t let this record pass you by if you’re into chilly tunes like this.

I feel it burning,
ways are turning.

Why can’t things just stay the same.
Let go, I can’t let go.
I’m holding on.
Let go, I can’t let go anything.

I try to follow footsteps in front of me.
But my head it just keeps spinning around.
Difficult for me to see.

What I head can’t be replaced
and there’s no time for running away.
It’s like I’m being chained to a wall
and this is where I’m gonna stay.

So far way.
Nothing can be replaced.
So far away.
Help me, I can’t let go.

Tour Dates:

06.10.2016 DE Hamburg @ Astrastube
07.10.2016 DE Cologne @ AZ
08.10.2016 DE Essen @ Cafe Nova
09.10.2016 DE Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof
10.10.2016 DE Berlin @ Cassiopeia

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