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Two decades in, FREYA still ‘Fight As One’

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FREYA has come roaring back with a new single, “Fight As One,” from their highly anticipated upcoming album of the same name. Scheduled to drop on September 22 via Upstate Records, this marks a momentous occasion as the band celebrates their 20th anniversary since the debut of their first album, ‘As the Last Light Drains’ (Victory Records, 2003).

Commenting on the new single, the band articulates that it serves as a recognition of the current chaotic state of the world. “Fight As One,” they say, is a lyrical testament to the resilience of true friendships in trying times. The track packs an extra punch courtesy of Freddy Cricien from MADBALL, who contributes a sequence of forceful lyrics and his signature powerful vocals.

Joining FREYA on their latest musical endeavor are none other than some of the most influential figures in the hardcore scene. Freddy Cricien of MADBALL lends his voice to the title track, while Jamey Jasta of HATEBREED vents on “Sense of Doom,” and Scott Vogel of TERROR delivers a potent performance on “Thousand Yard Stare.”


Born in Syracuse, New York, in 2001, FREYA was initially a spinoff involving three members from the seminal band EARTH CRISIS. Following the temporary disbandment of EARTH CRISIS, these musicians went their separate ways to form three different bands. FREYA has since left an indelible mark on both hardcore and metal genres, making appearances on platforms such as MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules, and the iconic Headbangers Ball, as well as the Showtime series, Shameless.

Over two decades, the band has not only secured their position as pioneers but have also expanded their sound by incorporating thrash metal elements into their unique style. As Erick Edwards puts it, FREYA serves as an “endless well” from which they can draw inspiration and venture into unexplored sonic territories.

With a history rich in international touring, FREYA has shared stages with a plethora of bands ranging from WALLS OF JERICHO to BEHEMOTH. Their reach extends even further, as their discography has been featured in renowned publications like Kerrang!, Decibel, Amp, and Metal Hammer.

Behind the scenes, the new album brings together the band’s quintessential lineup, with production and mixing handled by Ethan D Henry and mastering by Jocko at Moresound. The album’s lyrical and compositional elements are primarily attributed to Karl Buechner and Erick Edwards, among others.

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