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UGORY share unnerving new EP “Wicher”, redefining the bounderies of dark post-hardcore

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Ugory‘s new release “Wicher” is a bleak, mind-bending masterpiece that defies convention and pushes the boundaries of what listeners expect from modern idependent music. The tour-de-force record’s unsettling and haunting soundscapes feature disturbingly surreal squeels (just listen to the second part of the track “Szklany Rodzic“) create a truly unearthly atmosphere that shatters to the bone.

With the aforementioned track “Szklany Rodzic“, Ugory prove that they have the unique ability to create moments that are unlike anything else that has been released before. The ethereal soundscapes and spine-tingling vocals create a sludgy atmosphere that is literally unsettling. The haunting melody and brooding instrumentals draw from a various of styles and moods, blending sludge, post hardcore, screamo, dark metal, and more in the process.

“Wicher” is not an album for the faint of heart, but rather a truly immersive and disorienting experience that will leave listeners both disturbed and captivated. We’ll certainly get back to this work in detail in one of our future features.

Get the full EP on your streaming platform and grab a physical copy via Peleton Records.

UGORY is a Poznań, Poland based music collective that focuses its observations primarily on the Polish countryside, its abnormalities, customs, daily life and work. The band recorded 8 albums, EPs, a track for Cyberpunk 2077, and a split with Soil Troth. They perform in different configurations, ranging from a trio to an octet, and their concerts are often accompanied by props and visualizations created by Tomek Rolniak and Karolina Karpowic. Members of UGORY were and are active in other projects like Gołębie, Soil Troth, Próchno, Profeci, Ulica, Flexi Geng and Qx.

“A frosty gale blows among the Polish countryside, but it’s more like “Dom Zły” than “Konopielka“.” – comments Peleton Records.

UGORY by @javiki

“The gale represents the emotions accompanying life in pathologies – social, economic, emotional and those we create in our own heads. It’s also an inner struggle with oneself to find the strength to not escape these pathologies but instead learn to live with them, to incorporate them within ourselves and transform them into building blocks.”

“The new material, as is appropriate for Ugory, is immersed in the realities of Polish countryside.” – continues the label.

Comments the band leader Marcel Gawiniecki in an interview with “The idyllic vision of the countryside, where you sleep in the hay and rest in the shade, chewing on a blade of grass, is a great thing and maybe we will look at this aspect one day, but probably not now. With “Gale”, we were more interested in what happens in the countryside every day. I like unfinished business and at the same time I try not to use unnecessary words in the lyrics. Sometimes four specific verses are enough to outline the situation and I think that based on them, you can write this fairy tale yourself (…) We all have our fears, and by talking about them, we get used to them. Reality is scary not only in the countryside, but we have adopted this perspective and want to talk about it. ”


“The gale is another solid portion of sludge, heavy post-rock and gloomy ambient in the band’s repertoire. It’s primarily an attempt to show that one must be honest with oneself, because lies are the source of eternal coldness.” – concludes Peleton Records.

Focus track: Szklany Rodzic (Glass Parent)


The light from the TV floods the table
My thoughts are a picture of screams and skins
Don’t groan, because nothing hurts like your pain

Siren, altar, god, bottle

Silence at sea, fuck, a disease of dreams
The dog pound ignored the subject, and the old wall
Don’t groan, because nothing hurts like your pain


światło z telewizora zalewa stół
moje myśli to obraz pisków i skór
nie jęcz, bo nic nie rani, tak jak twój ból

syrena, ołtarz, bóg, butelka

cisza na morzu, kurwa, choroba snów
psiarnia olała temat, a stary mur
nie jęcz, bo nic nie rani tak jak twój ból

UGORY were featured in our 2021 feature of 5 Polish Alt / Punk bands to know, by BROOKS WAS HERE.

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