KING SLENDER by Eric Parker-
KING SLENDER by Eric Parker-
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Screamo band KING SLENDER employ interesting patterns in their debut LP “Gold Days”

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In the flood of hundreds of generic sounding bands that pop up every month, including niche styles and sub-genres, the newest release from KING SLENDER is a breath of fresh air and a testament to their controlled experimentation. Their debut  full length album “Gold Days” seamlessly weaves together disparate elements of the genre, blending it with  showcasing the band’s impressive musical prowess and genre-defying ethos.

Empying just a handful of unconventional and unexpected musical patterns, the album offers listeners an engaging experience, despite drawing what’s best from the well established canon.

Imagine if Drive Like Jehu tried to make a Portraits of Past worship record.

Vicious, yet straight ahead, the band fires on all cylinders with songs that strike a focused, critical attack. Three vocalists and a two guitar onslaught with riffs that realize the urgency and depth of what makes emotional hardcore such a vital genre of music.

“At the core of what we do stylistically has always been an indebtedness to bands like Shotmaker, Sleepytime Trio, Four Hundred Years, Hoover, etc. That ilk of band, married with some big hooks and real rock urgency.” – comments the band.

“This is our first full length record. We probably spent too much time on it. However, we got all the big sounds we were shooting for, and we’re super happy with how it’s turned out. We’re hoping others can connect the thread we’re trying to sow with this type of music. We believe in it. Hopefully other people can catch onto it too.”

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